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Artist wishlist - Boom 2008


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Think it's possible that:


- Simon Posford (Younger Brother, Hallucinogen, Shpongle)

- Ott

- Some great chillout projects

- Psykovsky

- Some old Goa acts reborn


Will play at the festival?

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Concept Boom 2008


“Boom sees itself as amplifier and a converter of concepts and we take that responsibility dearly in every single step we plan. Within this vast “ocean” of consciousness Boom is a lighthouse of sanity, ethic responsibility and a building block for the future to come.


A reminder for our personalities to check point the “real” meaning in-between our illusionary perception.

Boom is a new kind of tribal gathering where varied tribes can melt with nature in a sensitive and sustainable way. For quite a few years we have been making efforts to show that and make it happen. This is our acupuncture point into the future matrix.


The Boom journey has been quite a long journey. More than 10 years of real evolution on a personal, grupal and collective conscious areas.

We have gone through all kinds of sectors of the so called life “drama” – from love to joy, from pain to death and birth. It is a continued experience, gathering knowledge and trying to somehow represent it outwards so that you might be able to tune into this knowledge. Boom tries to do that through art and love. Two of the best gateways that mankind has to broaden its access to its deeper feelings.


Art as an unblocker and love as a locker of present reality or lets say as a tuner of collective consciousness…a tap in and a link on!

We have achieved this through a very delicate mix between the full on opening and exploration of the 5 senses and the absolution of the all 5 senses. These moments create gaps or doors of perception. Expanding and bringing humans into some unconventional areas of understanding.


We envision the future of Boom as a continued and sustainable event, an event that not only exists in the date of its subsistence but an event that keeps on in our conscious planes throughout all the future moon cycles.

It is our intention to keep it growing in all directions and to keep joining in many different tribes. Have fun, enjoy, open your perception channels and enter.


We Are One…”






Music - Dancefloor - Lineup


“If people can dance together they can live together”

Mel Cherren


“I believe that if you put your ego in front of the music, then the people trying to listen to the music can’t hear it, they just listen to your ego”

‘Mad’ Mike Banks (Underground Resistance)




Music-wise Boom is an underground festival. Since 1997 the major concern has been to clash unknown artists with popular names. We don’t like to do line ups based on a small groups of artists that travel all around the world. Instead at Boom the main concern has been to show other artists, different ideas and more sub-genres. We know that if we’d put a few more popular names it would be easier commercially. But we wouldn’t be doing our best to enrich the music culture of psy-trance and to widen its horizons.


The 2008 edition line up is not based on a monoculture perspective. It’s based on a strong conviction that we must show the underground side of psy-trance as opposed to the dominant culture of the trance scene nowadays of big names in big line ups (repeating the mistakes that all other dance music genres made years ago, reducing the choices of the audience and emphasizing quantity as opposed of quality).


Our concept is to show the underground and to create a dance floor where all sub-genres of psy-trance are represented. Some people will like it and some others won’t. However one thing is for sure: if you want to get in touch with the diversity that is still around you’ll have the dance floor. Be open-minded, from full-on psy-trance, dark, progressive to experimental, tribal and acoustic trance, techy or suomi, neo-goa trance and classic psy-trance: all tribes are represented. No monoculture, just diversity. Be open-minded in a dancefloor powered by a Funktion One sound system!



>> DJ's




* Back to Mars (Cytopia Records – BR/Hol.)

DJ Anneli (Phantasm Records – Swe.)

DJ Artifakt (Time Code - SA)

DJ Beardy (Wild Thing Records – UK)

DJ Bedouin & Hamish (Furthur Recordings – UK)

DJ Dica (Doof Records)

DJ Fiuzz (Spectral Records – PT/Sp.)

DJ Garpard (Peak Records – Switz.)

DJ Hopi (UK)

DJ Hyper Frequencies (Syncronize Recs, Mechanik Recs. – Fr.)

DJ Jahbo (Parvati Records – Denm.)

DJ Martin (Mikrokosmos Records – Switz.)

DJ Migas (PT)

DJ Nick (Shivlink – India)

DJ Plurgrim (Union Records – PT)

DJ Regan (Nano Records – South Africa)

DJ Shane Gobi (Alchemy - South Africa/UK)

DJ Swarup (Universo Paralello – BR.)

DJ U-Recken (DoofLex – Isr.)

DJ Vazik (Sounds of Earth – Mex.)

DJ Zen (Holanda)

DJ Zirkin (Doof Records – Isr.)

Don Ziggy (Stardust Creations/Peak Records – Aust.)

P_Mac (Ketuh Recs – PT)

Surya Namaskar (Swing Music Agency/Trance Karma Records - PT)

Zosma (Spintwist – Ger.)




>> Live Acts




* Ajja (Peak Records – Switz.)

Antagon (Interzone.PA – Ger.)

Artifakt (Time Code - SA)

Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga – Denm.)

Burn In Noise (Alchemy Records – Br.)

Concept (3D Vision – Fr.)

Cosmo (Noise Poison - Slo.)

Ecliptic (Mex.)

Error Corrective (Wild Things Records - UK)

Fearsome Engine aka Tristan & Laughing Buddha (UK)

First Stone (Br.)

Gocoo (Japan)

Hyper Frequencies (Syncronize Recs, Mechanik Recs. – Fr.)

Khopat (Shiva Space Technology – PT)

Laughing Buddha (Nano Records – UK)

Menog (Spectral Records – PT)

N.A.S.A (Iboga Records – Denm.)

Neelix (Ger.)

Ocelot (Dropout Productions – USA)

Parus (Slo./USA)

Phonic Request (Mahogany Records – Fr.)

Procs (Trishula Records- Swe.)

Rastaliens (Phar Psyde – Switz.)

Shadow Fx (Zenon Records – Australia)

Star Sound Orchestra (Ger.)

Subconcious Mind (Fiin Records- Switz.)

Tetrameth (Zenon Records – Australia)

Texas Faggot (Exogenic Records – Fin.)

The Peaking Goddess (Peak Records – Switz.)

Tjak (Swing Music Agency – PT)

Tristan (Nano Records – UK)

Zaraus (Swing Music Agency – PT)



Arts & Culture

Music - Ambient Forest


A interconnected art zone where sound impulses an atmospheric leap.


Let’s connect with nature through the fascinating soundscapes of ambient music enhanced by organic design and care, a meltdown of visuals, comfort, art, enlightenment, laughs, relaxation and a touch of magic. Musicians and DJ's of the world will synergistically join their collective visions at the music auditorium and create resonating vibrations throughout Boom 2008.


We wish to thank all the people that support, enjoy and understand the concept of the Ambient Forest at Boom, the last refuge of ambient music and it’s way to be. This is the most amazing adventure of our ambient lives and we would love to share it with each one of you.


Stay tuned to this site for updates.




Music - Groovy Beach - Lineup


Synthesizing new music, melting pot imaginary and a detached mind, Boom strikes with a new music area. And no, it’s not alternative; it’s a major music floor!




Music is changing every second fuelled by the digital factor, be it the Internet, the DVJ, the MP3, or the digital DJing. Tastes and genres are moving towards syncretism, never in the history of mankind so much music has been produced, released and listened to by so many people.


Capturing the current trajectory of music, Boom has a new music area. The spirit is one of crossover. In Groovy Beach music styles are showcased as a mirror of present trends in the music scene with a particular forward thinking ethos. There’s plenty of room for experimentation and fun, an attitude of feeding the music scene by clashing sounds and influences in the same place.


From 3pm to 8pm there’s funk, reggae, dub and funky-mash up-beats. At 8pm dubstep will rule the place with a massive bass music and dense melodies. Breakbeat will get in full swing at midnight with some of the coolest artists around. At 2am breaks will turn into other beats. From this time straight to the morning you can listen to deep techno, minimal, tech-house, deep house, neo-trance, and fresh and innovative four-to-the-floor music by talented DJs and live acts. The Groovy Beach is a freestyle place and a playfully inventive music zone. As we love.



>> DJ's




* Alex Tolstei (Russia) Alquimix (Brazil)

Anti (Sweden)

Bad Boe (Denmark )

Bart Cruz (Portugal)

Basement Freaks (Greece )

Das Nevez (Portugal)

Dinis (Portugal)

DJ Ride (Portugal)

DJ Slim (UK)

Duvar (Germany)

Expander (Portugal)

General MIDI(UK)

Giulianno (Brazil)

Henry Saiz (Spain)

Hyper (UK)

Johnny (Portugal)

Kaesar (Portugal)

Kasey Taylor (Australia)

Loop Digga (Portugal)

Matt Black (UK)

Mike Stellar (Portugal)

Mr. Cheeks (Portugal)

Myagi (Canada)

Nelson Flip (Portugal)

Nuno Forte (Portugal)

Parker (UK)

Patrick Zigon (Germany)

Pedro Seph (Portugal)

Pena (Portugal)

Satta B (UK)

Scuba (UK)

SpaceBoys SS (Portugal)

Stereo Addiction (Portugal)

Tes La Rok (Finland)

Tom Real (UK)

Tuffist (USA)

Unidade Sonora (Portugal)

Wash (Brazil)

Yohel (Belgium)

Zamali (Belgium)




>> Live Acts




* Billy d’Allessandro (USA)

Boxcutter (Ireland)

Click Box (Brazil)

Deestant Rockers (Portugal)

Exercise One (Germany)

Extrawelt (Germany)

Far Too Loud (UK)

GothTrad (Japan)

Internal Sync (Portugal)

JazzStepPaz (UK)

Kanio (UK)

Loopus in Fabula (Italy)

Lunar Sounds (Mexico)

Marc Antona (France)

Monkey Steak (UK)

Mr. Gasparov (Portugal)

Octapush (Portugal)

Paul Ritch (France)

Portable (South Africa)

Rocky Marsiano (Portugal)

Straightflash (Brazil)

Zentex (Finland)





Music - Sacred Fire


Ancestral cultures and an organic environment around the fire: yes, that’s Boom’s hot spot of 2006 edition, the Sacred Fire.


The Saami people have a unique musical tradition where each person has their own special song or ‘joik’. This becomes a personal acoustic symbol. Parents can give a ‘joik’ to their children, or lovers can give a ‘joik’ to each other as a gift.


The Sacred Fire music stage is about the place of music and nature in people’s perception. Gardens are built in, live music is performed, and an intimate environment is created with performances and an ever-present organic edge.


On the top of one hill, this stage for concerts will feature world music, ancestral music meets modern production, pieced together with a specially designed natural environment so that each one of Boom goers can perceive their personal ‘joik’.

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Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga – Denm.)

N.A.S.A (Iboga Records – Denm.)

Neelix (Ger.)

Anti (Sweden)


Extrawelt (Germany) :posford:


The above is what I would like to hear from the entire line up, the rest, I can live without. No way I will be going there! :)

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Some good names in there. Henry Saiz, Extrawelt, Kasey Taylor, Behind Blue Eyes, NASA, Patrick Zigon, Pena, Kanio, Loopus In Fabula, Paul Ritch, Marc Antona, Alex Boshke, Tristan, Shadow FX and Tetrameth, Shane Gobi and Regan would probably all be on my list of acts to hear if I was going, but I wouldn't say that the lineup is worth the trip alone, and if I had a bought a ticket, I would probably be a little bit disappointed.


Thumbs up for diversity though, but I think Universo Paralello does a much better job combining high quality and diversity - underground and also more mainstream sounds.


That being said, I'm sure Boom will once again be an outstanding experience for everyone attending. Have a good one! :)

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Texas Faggott


would be kool :)

the line up is very well thought out. last time it was full of dark acts. should be a good one for electronic music lovers in general.
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I found this lineup quite poor.


Imo this is the kind of lineup that looks interesting at first sight, you tell yourself "oh I love this one, Ii'll go".

...Months pass...

When arriving at the festival place, you receive a paper with the full lineup, and there, you wonder "why did I travel that much to see 4 artists over 100 ?"

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DJ Artifakt (Time Code - SA)

Artifakt (Time Code - SA)

Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga – Denm.)

Error Corrective (Wild Things Records - UK)

Laughing Buddha (Nano Records – UK)

Menog (Spectral Records – PT)

Ocelot (Dropout Productions – USA)

Procs (Trishula Records- Swe.)

Rastaliens (Phar Psyde – Switz.)

Star Sound Orchestra (Ger.)

Subconcious Mind (Fiin Records- Switz.)

Tetrameth (Zenon Records – Australia)

Texas Faggot (Exogenic Records – Fin.)

The Peaking Goddess (Peak Records – Switz.)


Anti (Sweden)

Billy d’Allessandro (USA)

Extrawelt (Germany)

Loopus in Fabula (Italy)

These are the ones I would come for, and I probably will be there in any case. :D

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Soo, a hope that Simon and hopefully Younger Brother will show up is 100% out of the question?

I got a buddy that I am eager to bring a long, but he don't like pietrance, but he loves Younger Brother.


Also Ott would be awsome to listen live.


I'm having some doubt about the Boom now, A lot of the artists/DJ's I saw on the 'line-up' isn't acts I'm dying to experience because of my self knowledge of their music, exept Artifakt that is :)

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Ah ja mann :D But I searched google and found a Hungarien festival under the name aurora.. Searched more now, http://aurorafestival.gr/ :D


Boom, ja.. I know. I really had set my mind for it. But come on man, the others offer Simon, Ott, prometheus, filteria, logic bomb, plaiadiens, oood, juno reacotr, Cell, HUVA Network, YOUNGER BROTHER ectectectectect and more goodies. And it will be my first ever pure long piefestival, and I would like it to be something special. Boom just seem to fail me on my feelings, even tho some people I know like you, people I met in India, , run lola are going. But .. mmm. I do believe I will go to to hungary and then Greece. I mean, all of those artist I dream to see (exept some dark killers like piekowsky) are present at these two. Whats at boom?

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