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My new demo "XM5"


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very nice, but if you serious about production... It would be good to stop put reverb on bass.



Plastikman's album Consumed is 90% bass & reverb, and it's one of the best electronic albums ever made.

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well, I've never heard that album. but I happen to know that on huge PA systems reverb on bass gets very muddy and you can't hear it. So, it is possible that on the bass you are talking about is no reverb, but some other effect as well.


( edit )


besides it was just friendly advice... and while there are no rules in music... there seem to be simple things in life we all do.


For example, do you eat and breathe? Would you call that a rule? A habit? Something you do?


Generally accepted, there is no reverb on bass... Nobody said you can't do it. It is just not done, cause it makes for muddy mixes...

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