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X-Dream - "March" EP 12" Boshke Beats


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X-Dream - "March" EP 12"

Boshke Beats records



Since the first time I heard the samples of this release on Boshke Beats web, I waited so much for it to come out, take a sit and listen to the whole release. A few days ago, I got a vinyl form one of my friends from Japan and I started to listen. Here is what it feels like...


From the very beginning, I respect X-Dream as artists so much. The change of so many different styles in music and few times starting a revolution in electronic music. Therefore, this time, again, something that presents X-Dream sound, but in a new way.


1. March

Warm start of a kick and the silent dirty sound in background imply on a new fresh progressive techno sound that we can hear lately. Electro motives come easy and in the finest way, and then full bass pleasure start. The track goes, but from the very first beginning, the listener knows that it will have hard and deep sub ground kicking moments

Somewhere after 2 minutes, Marcus and Jan wake up the listeners and still slowly, but knowingly break the limits off every sounds system. The moment I felt those sweet chills all over my skin is the moment when bassline change note on octave and suddenly goes through the filter down in low cut and go out like from the basement. Creepy noise that sound like some kind of a synth which is slow at last few notes, give the best power drive to the whole theme in track. Oscillation on the pad that presents the bassline also has big part in track. It actually makes the drive of a bassline, like big wave which non-stop go forward and announces that moving. Something like a side chain. In every direction, this track deserves to win a price for one of the greatest club monsters in 2008, for now!



2. Building number 7

Hah the name of the track inspire me, I must admit before I say anything else. Late, I realized that sound is totally fit in the track theme. I trip like that. Does not mean that the rest will trip the same thing. So let us go back on sound, vinyl gives the special one in that case, and many more of course. Even if I don't read who wrote and produced this track I would know that Jan had much influence on this track. Electro sound is more his style in producing music. In addition, electro vocals fit in this track so so so so good!!! Especially the part where word "seven" repeat separated from the rest of the channels in track. Very much like that kind of old computer sound, like old analogue machines, hand made

So many bells sounds that contain the highest tones inside. Melody in track is also totally electro and fits in every part of the song. It reminds me on Kraftwerk but style that is much more modern. The most interesting thing in this track is that, many DJs sort music by tracks for start, tracks for middle of the set and tracks for the end, I'm not a DJ, but in my opinion this track can fit in every part of a set. That is what I appreciate in tracks.



3. Outfield

SUBWAY!!! The first thing that I have on my mind since the track start! At the moment, I start to image the frames of a potential video for this track. Sound that represent bassline is so hardly delayed. Marcus school, no doubt

Bell that came up from the darkness of a tunnel sounds amazing. Everything fits in its place!!! Ambient sfx put whole atmosphere into a feeling like in a real subway. I must hear this track on my next ride in the sub

This track needs walls to be the right thing. Club, more then open air. However, as a whole this release, it have lots of element for open air location too. But, it has to be at night!!! Fantastic track, just too short as the first one. I like long entrances and epilogues. Actually, I like long track themes. But, this is fantastic also!




So refreshing! The best thing is that it fits in sets from minimal and progressive techno to tech trance DJ sets. BPM rate is phenomenal. In the right place. Moreover, as I said above, it have lots of element for open air locations as well. That is very valuable to me. I rate tracks based on my taste on this release, but the whole release is rate 10/10

Thank You so much X-Dream and Boshke Beats!





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Nice wordz Soundmute!!


I got Chronika 3. Not 12".


Great massive track, awesome stuff. Following on from Irritant nicely.


buzzman, surely u jest! try listening b4 comment!


Great stuff for my winter journey...


Release on vinyl makes this even more necessary!!


Chronika 3 is fukin great comp!!

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Artist: X-Dream

Release: March EP

Year: 2008

Label: Boshke Beats

Cat-#: BBS014

Rating: 3.5/5



A1: March

B1: Building No.7

B2: Outfield


March is a slowmoving buzzer, a tight beat with lots of that good grinding buzzing layers. Also there's lots of scratchy glitchy and elongated effects that gives the track an additional push in the right groovy direction. It's not a storming track at all, actually I'd have no problem sitting back in a comfortable chair or sofa and just grind along, but then I certainly wouldn't stop moving to it if I'd be out on the floor. Nicely structured track.


Building No.7 is produced only by Jan. Another slowmover but a lot less grinding this time, shifting it's focus onto a bleepy sci-fi track with a really dark nice atmosphere. The only thing I dislike is the tweakin' he does with the bassline, making it go out of tune isn't really making things sound better.


Outfield is on the other hand only produced by Marcus. Steady beat and percussion are accompanied by a squiggly synth pad. Effects are sparse but used with efficiency ranging from drawn out stabs to small rattling sounds. But the track lacks certain energy and is slightly too short, and IMO should've maybe been a little more worked out.


The 12" doesn't seem too essential as the main track (March) is on the Chronika Chapter III CD, the b-side might have a few interesting moments but isn't giving you too much to work with. Maybe you could work Building No.7 into a mixing session bumping the atmosphere level up.

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This is a definite step up from We Interface. March is a real killer, deep and heavy with just the right balance of minimalism and grind. Building #7 is catchy, a renewal of their electro aspirations of 2004 done in a way to be much more interesting to techno fans. Outfiled is nothing special; nice production but not particularly memorable. Altogether it is a very good vinyl release and a nice return for X-Dream.

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x-dream never disappoints me. in my opinion, they are one of the few artists that started out as goa trance and continued to released quality music as their style changed over and over again. a new album would be killer with this kind of material

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