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OOOD Live in Switzerland, Feb 2008

Colin OOOD

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High all!


Here's a live set which we recorded this February at Club V-SO in Martigny, Switzerland. It's 2 hours long @ 320Kbps, and contains quite a few tracks from our forthcoming album "Fourthought". Hope you enjoy it!



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OOOD Live in Switzerland: Track Listing

1. Attitude Engine

2. Eye Of The Beholder (with Ott)

3. Blue Seal

4. Hornrider (Red Bourbon mix)

5. Smoke A Lot

6. Durka Ni - unfinished

7. Kai's Wheel

8. Oh My (Good Golly Me)

9. The Humming

10. Fluorostani Transcendance (Tron remix)

11. Slang Thang

12. Starseeker (Original mix )

13. Apollo, Son of Rifa

14. Kundalini Rising

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I listened to it and found it very worth keeping.


It is a very well orchestrated and executed live act, packed with simultaneously intelligent and entertaining ideas.


I'm gonna spread it around to some non-psy trance orientated friends. They might even like it. It's top drawer party music, so who knows?

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Wow, cool, we're glad you guys like it! Serguei - I'd be really interested in reading your review if you still want to write one.


Wicked, thanks!!!

Is there a release date for the album yet?

The date isn't finalised yet but keep an eye out for it at Boom...


BTW Isratrance seems to be a little slower to pick up on it so if anyone wants to er :unsure: actually no, don't worry ;):P:rolleyes::lol::ph34r:

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Brilliant set dude, always digged your stuff hectic.


On an unrelated note, you were in my dream last night for some reason. You were one of many evaluators on this weird "life and self-worth" course I was on. I was in a room with loads of other people, and I scored the lowest for personality and highest for generally being a cunt. Needless to say I rather unhappy and told everyone to go fuck themselves (probably proving their point).Not you though, for some reason. You were also sitting in front of some weird massive triangular plasma TV. with weird hyroglyphics on it.


I had been drinking for 3 days straight when I had this dream though...

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I think that the keywords about this set are Funky and Psychedelic. Sometimes Rockin' too :D

Very funky rythms and grooves, and very psychedelic instruments and structures.

Good flow and good variety between tracks. Definitelly good for a twisted/happy morning!


"Attitude Engine" is funky and full of psychedelic groovness

"Eye Of The Beholder" has a strong live psychedelic rock feeling, with ethno/goa ambient (pink floyd vs. old-goa?) i like it

"Blue Seal" is chillin/travel/ambient progressive journey, nice&beautiful

"Hornrider" is again funky, groovy, relaxed and chillin', more to the electro/prog side, a good mix of styles (Moby sample in the end?)

"Smoke A Lot" is a reaggae-dubbed psyfunk track, OOOD style ;)

"Durka Ni" has a strong progressive beginning, with its warm bass and percussion... and develops to an excelent goa land! good pitch changes and melodies! One of my favourite tracks in this set

"Kai's Wheel" is an excelent goa tune

"Oh My (Good Golly Me)" is twisted and psychedelic, not very easy to grasp at first listening

"The Humming" is very psy, reminds me of Prometheus at some parts, which is always good :) I like it, good trip

"Fluorostani Transcendance" starts very well, good bass&groove. Excelent goa melodies and textures. good track

"Slang Thang" is strong and twisted!

"Starseeker" is again funky, rockin, ambient psy (if that means anything :D )

"Apollo, Son of Rifa" and "Kundalini Rising" end the set in your personal style, happy funky psy ;)


great work guys, great set!

come to Portugal soon :)



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