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ORB Summer Festival 2008, July 10th -13th! New York

good carma

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We are happy to officially announce ORB Festival 2008, July 10th -13th!

@ The New Echo Lake: 185 Echo Lake Lane, Afton, NY


The time has come to go outdoors for the second year's gathering to celebrate the purity of nature and music, in a beautiful resort with a magical forest hugging a peaceful wide lake. Getaway from your daily routine to a well produced festival with great vibes, happy people and an unforgettable adventure. Motivated by the purity of nature and music, originating the culture of awareness and appreciation, Orb Festival builds a village to celebrate life.


This year's festival will feature a selection of the best electronic music:

Full-on, progressive, dark, electro, and chill out music crafted by the world's top artists and producers.

ORB Festival is the biggest electronic music gathering on the east coast and

this year it will be bigger than ever!!

The Festival will take place in "The New Echo Lake" (AKA Echo lake) Afton NY.

A beautiful campground, two and a half hours away from Manhattan

featuring plenty of parking space, well-maintained camping site, hot showers, clean restrooms and economy cabins available for rental.

ORB festival 2008 will host two stages with top of the line sound systems, work shops, drums circles, fire performances, backdrops & structure decorations, visual art, yoga, 24 hours active chai shops, delicious organic food, body painting, bars & vendors market, several designated public camping tents, fishing, boating, swimming, horse back riding,

and LOTS MORE!!!


ORB 2008 Music Performances


ATOMICULTURE LIVE (BNE Records, South Africa)

ATOMIC PULSE (B.N.E Records, Israel)

PROTOCULTURE (B.N.E Records, South Africa)

ETNICA (Etnicanet Records, Ibiza, Spain)

ZION (Orb Records, Alladin Group, Israel/USA)

DEVIANT SPECIES (Ambivalent Records, London, UK)

ANDROMEDA (Dream Vision Records, Sweden)

CHROMOSOME (Dream Vision Records, Sweden)

HUX FLUX (Spiral Trax Records, Sweden)

ABOMINATION (3D Vision, Israel)

LAB (Dark Records, EN SOF, Portugal)

U-RECKEN (Dooflex Records, Israel)

WIZACK TWIZACK (Hypnotica Records, Sweden)

YONI (H.O.F, Israel)

ORBIT aka ELNADIV (Orb Records, Alladin Group, NYC/Israel)

ONNOMON (Gaian Mind, Soular Records, Philadelphia)

KNO-B (Orb Records, Alladin Group, Japan)

PHATMIND (Alladin Group, Israel/Russia)

ENERTOPIA (Alladin Group, Israel)

BARAKUDA (Psytribe, Los Angeles/Greece)

BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher, NYC)

KEN (Dreamcatcher, Alladin Group, NYC/Japan)

LUIS (Dreamcatcher, Alladin Group, Brazil/NYC)

BABLA (Alladin Group, Kagdila Records, India)

DJ MOE:T (Osaka Japan)

DR. SPOOK (Geomagnetic Records, San Francisco)

ROE REVOLUTION (South Florida Psytrance, Miami/Israel)

LAURYN vs EG~BOT (Gaian Mind, PSI, 28th Day, Philadelphia)

MUKTISVARA (TDC, Lycantrop Rec, Russia/NYC)

KARMANANIK (Gaian Mind, PSI, Philadelphia)

WICHDOKTA (Phoenix Family/Geomagnetic Records, San Francisco)

QUIVERING VIRGIN aka ANDREW (Blacklight Activists, Toronto)

SKETI AKA BRETT HAWES (Igoyai Rec, South Africa/Canada)

DJ RAFAEL (Soul Sounds, Brazil/Boston)




SHAPESTATIC (Gaian Mind, TOUCH Samadhi, Asheville, NC, USA)

ZION CHILL ROOM (ORB Records/Alladin Group, USA/Israel)

STEVE-O (GoaBabies, Spectra, Gaian Mind, NYC/Puerto Rico)

GRAINS OF SOUND (AlterCulture Records, Baltimore, USA)

MAURIZIO BAGOTI (Etnicanet Records, Ibiza, Spain)

ILLUMINUS (Spiral Trax Records, Sweden)

KIFE (Omnitribe, Russia/NYC)

NAGUALI (TDC Lycantrop Rec Russia/nyc)

ANIMALTEK (Omnitribe, Russia/NYC)

SUNIL (Alladin Group, Malaysia/India)

RAY BRIONES (PG Records, Brazil/NYC)




Deco by:

JULIEN SEYER (Pixie Dust, Canada, Montreal)

SEVERYN (Alladin Group, NYC)

STEVE-O (GoaBabies, Spectra, Gaian Mind, NYC/PR)

Alladin & ORB Deco Team

And More TBA!!!


Visuals By:

DR SPOOK (Geomagnetrix Records )

SERGE (Alladin Group, NYC)

SEVERYN (Alladin Group, NYC)

EXERIS (DMT, Trancemotion, Alladin Group, NYC/Baltimore)

And More TBA!!!



Advance Tickets :

First 100 Tickets $105

300 Tickets @ $120

Buy Tickets at:



For paper tickets

Call (1917) 569-1177



***Gates Open on July 10, Thu @ 12 pm until Sunday @ 3 pm, July 13.


For directions, rideshares, camping tips and location map go to: http://www.OrbFestival.com


This one for sure will be another unforgettable gathering!!!

So prepare your camping gear and mark your calendars!

Rain or Shine Event!

See you all there!

Peace Love & Light 'n Trance

Orb Crew by Alladin Group




If you feel that your merchandise can be sold to our crowd and it is a demographic that interests your company’s promotion, it will be a great opportunity for you to take part of this event.

Please email us at orbfestival@gmail.com with the subject Vendors.



If you think you can contribute in any way and would like to be a part of ORB 2008! We need good responsible individuals to work and we need all the hands that we can get!

Please email us at orbfestival@gmail.com with the subject volunteers.










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