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VA - Ulterior Natality 2

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Agneton    86

A new compilation from Eutuchia Records, the only active Nitzhonot & Uplifting label existing today.

Imo Sanga (the compiler) did a good job in terms of sound and music quality. The small Nitzhonot scene

that survived the big dry outs is still full of amateurish artists and low budget masterings.

Eutuchia tries to crick up that level.


The CD develops itself from the more Full On-Uplifting, towards folkloric anthems and also a pinch

of Israeli stuff. Whether you're a fan of the melodic Transistance series or rather

the old Shiva Space Technology Israel compilations, you should find your taste in here.


My favorites so far are Airesis (folkloric) and Mervit (Israel stomper). Enjoy! :)


Posted Image


1) Galaxic - Trinity

2) Chaostar - Dig n ' Dug

3) Loop - Steps In The Sky

4) Sanga - Monastirion

5) Creamball - The Barber

6) Brainfever - Forgotten Times

7) Dementia - Morpheus (2006 edit)

8) Airesis - I Believe

9) Mervit - Sento Oforia

10) J Oxygen - No Trust


Catalog Number: EU06

Compiled By: Sanga

Bitrate: 320 kbps (mp3)


Download links on the official website!


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AstralSphinx    49

This one I haven't heard, very curious to hear how the sound developed since the entry before this one.

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