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RA - 9th - Suntrip Records - out May 16th 2008

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RA is back! Eight years after their first release, we are proud to present the second full album of the Norwegian duo Christer Borge-Lunde (ex Dimension 5, Electron Wave) and Lars Wedde Lind.


We are proud at Suntrip to announce RA - 9th will be in the shelves in a little more than 2 weeks from now. And here are the 2 minute extracts.


9th” is a concentrate of eastern melodies, deep soundscapes and fantastic positive climaxes… Starting where “To Sirius” left off, “9th” upgrades the RA experience to an all-allegoric story, ranging from soft Ambient and downtempo Goa Trance to uplifting morning monsters !


  • Octagon and Expand Consciousness embody dreamlike acceleration/deceleration phases aside the Ambient maestrias of the Intro and Light Receiver.
  • Ultima Energica, Spirit Complex and the massive Time Current are melodic stompers designed for the dancefloor, twirling layers over mind-melting rythmics !
  • Other Self, Transcendant and Predator are real athems to the Sun, the very definition of RA’s so special music, full of psychedelic highs and soundscape travelling. Story-telling at its best...

Who wouldn’t like to start the summer in advance ? RA makes this dream come true !


Posted Image

Oh and...you can already preorder these jewels to our gentle order dwarf, and he'll be happy to put some brand new Suntrip stickers in the package to reward from your confidence :)

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Who wouldn’t like to start the summer in advance ? RA makes this dream come true !

Oh no. Opus Iridium did that ... B)


Another safe purchase that I am very excited to hear :)


Too much good music coming in these days ... must control urge to buy ... everything ... :ph34r:


This one is a definite must though. I loved To Sirius. Gonna be exciting to find out where they've headed now.

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