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Spirit Base Festival 2008
19.06.2008 - 23.06.2008
Austria, Open Air

Sandgrube (sand quarry) Rauchenwarth
(2320 Rauchenwarth, Austria
only 15 km from Vienna

Start: Thursday, 19.06.2008, 2 pm

End: Monday, 23.06.2008, 8 pm

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The Spirit Base Festivalwhich will take place fort he 6th time in 2008, will be Austria’s biggest Trance Festival in summer 2008. The „desert goa“ will take place from 19th till 23rd June in Rauchenwarth (Federal province of Lower Austria, located nearby Vienna) invites you to join the journey to the ancient cultures of Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayas and Incas. This year’s motto is „Desert Journey to Ancient Cultures“

Mystical decorations, palm trees, backlight installations, huge projections and a Maya temple are the settings for a parallel universe from are this year’s settings for a parallel universe from the star gate world.
36 live-acts and 43 DJs from Europe, Israel, Brazil and Mexico will guarantee for 5-days-non-stop sound on the two dancefloors, including worldwide known acts and DJs like Talamasca, Ibojima, S-Range, Alpha and Sangeet but also upcoming national artists.
On two stages psytrance, full-on, offbeat and progressive trance will be played as well as ambient in the biggest Austrian Chill out tent the “Deep Space Zoon”

For the setting of the location, 4 decoration teams and visualisation artists like El Geko, The Funny Astronaut, Fade X and Sikanda are responsible.
Like every year there will be fire shows, different performances, workshops and many surprises. Numerous visitors from Austria and all other countries of the world are expected to attend the festival. Apart from a huge parking and camping area with showers and toilets there will be a separate market area for party-wear, bars, restaurants and tents.

The prices for presale tickets are as follows:
55 euros until 1st May, 60 euros until 1st June.
The tickets are available at http://www.spirit-base.at

Tickets at the festival doors (for one night up to 5 days) will cost between 15 and 70 euros.
From 19.06.08 (09.00) - 23.06. 70 EUR
From 20.06.08. (09.00) - 23.06. 55 EUR
From 21.06.08. (09.00) - 23.06. 40 EUR
From 22.06.08 (09.00) - 23.06. 15 EUR

If you come from Eastern European Countries like Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Kroatia, Slovenia, etc. you will get a 25% reduction of the entrance fee when you show your passport @ the entry!

For Information please contact:
Tom Rom (Press, PR, cooperations and accreditations)
IceElfe (PR, Web-PR)

Press Releases, web-banner, flyer, pictures and other downloads @ http://www.spirit-base.at
Permission to film, take videos and shoot only after agreement.

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LIVE ACTS in alphabetical order


Alternative Control (Vision Quest) Serbia

Audiomatic (Spintwist Records) Germany

Brisker & Magitman (Tribal Vision Records) Israel

Combinations (Groove Criminals/Turbo Trance Records) Israel/Austria

Day.Din (Spintwist Rec.) Germany

Delysid (Noize Conspiracy Records) Brazil

Desert Vortex (Movement) Austria

Digicult (Dacru Records) Belgium

Fatali (BNE) Israel

Feuerhake (Synergetic Records Germany

Human Traffic (Blue Tunes) Germany

Ibojima (Millenium Records) Sweden

Ix-Lam-At (Iono Records) Mexico

Jey & eX. (Iboga Mexico) Mexico

Klopfgeister (Iono Records) Germany

Materia (24/7 Media) Austria

Neelix (Sinn Tec Records) Germany

Odiseo (Iboga Mexico) Mexico

Perplex (Spun Records Ibiza) Israel

Phanatic (Utopia Records) Israel

Pixel (Hommega) Israel

Pop Stream (Vision Quest Records) Israel

Rocky (Chemical Crew) Israel

S - Range (Spiral Trax) France

Sangeet (Transient Records) Germany

Shiva Chandra (Spintwist Records) Germany

SKI FI (Iboga Mexico) Mexico

Slider (Noya Records) Israel

Symphonix (Blue Tunes) Germany

Talamasca (Mindcontrol Records) France

Tranan aka Logic Bomb (TipWorld) Sweden

Trancemission (Iboga Mexico) Mexico

True Lies (Blue Tunes) Germany

Vaishiyas (Spintwist Records) Germany

V-Tunes (Domo Records) Switzerland



DJS in alphabetical order


8zack (8zack.org) Austria

Acan (Synergetic Records) Austria

Alpha (Interzone-pa) Germany

Alternative Control (Vision Quest Records) Serbia

Beauty & the Beat (Waldfrieden / SOG / Tribal Vision) Germany

BuzzT (Psynema)

Combinations (Groove Criminals / Turbo Trance Records) Israel/Austria

Da Ray (Klangzirkus / Supersane Collective) Austria

Delysid (Noize Conspiracy) Brazil

Djane Gaby (Independent) Slovenia

DJane Trickit (EchoPlast Recordings) Israel

El-Fabio (Midijum Records) Germany

F.l.u.x. (Dezign Music/Synergy Tribe) Germany

Fatali (BNE) Israel

Feuerhake (Synergetic Records) Germany

Gobayashi (Astralzone) Austria

Ibojima (Millenium Records) Sweden

Jiser vs Xahno (Iboga Mexico) Mexico

Klopfgeister (Iono Records) Germany

Mapusa Mapusa (Blue Tunes Records) Germany

Materia (24/7 Media) Austria

Mikadho (Y.S.E. / Chaishop.com) Germany

Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes Records) Germany

Nemesis (Dacru Records) Belgium

Odiseo (Iboga Mexico) Mexico

Osho (Echoes Records) Israel

Pena (Flow Records) Portugal

Perplex (Spun Records Ibiza) Israel

Phanatic (Utopia Records) Israel

Pop Stream (Vision Quest Records) Israel

Rocky (Chemical Crew) Israel

Roman Rai (Tribal Vision) Czech Republic

S - Range (Spiral Trax) France

Sam @ chaishop.com (Chaishop.com) Germany

Sangeet (Transient Records) Germany

Slater (Tribal Vision) Czech Republic

Slider (Noya Records) Israel

Stomas (Liquid & Solid Records) Serbia

Talamasca (Mindcontrol Records) France

Tranan aka Logic Bomb (TipWorld) Sweden

Vanja (Candyflip Records) Macedonia

Virus (Mind Evolution) Austria

V-Tunes (Domo Records) Switzerland



DJS CHILL-OUT in alphabetical order


Andisan (Deep Brush Corp) Austria

ArcTara (Astralzone) Austria

Codem (Deep Brush Corporation) Austria

Cosmic Sada Shiva (Deep Brush Corporation) Austria

Gobayashi (Astralzone) Austria

Nicoletta (Independent Universe) Austria


DECORATION ARTISTS in alphabetical order:


AGNI (CirKas Visuell) Austria

BLOCHI Austria




UFO-unbelievable floating objects by Alfredo



VJS in alphabetical order:


DER LUSTIGE ASTRONAUT (Optical Matrix, Apocalyptic) Austria

EL GEKO Austria

FADEFX (Optical Matrix / Supersane Collective) Austria


VISIONAUTICA (Optical Matrix) Austria

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