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horror / spine chilling ambient


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Please suggest albums , artists , compilations , individual tracks that give you that haunting eerie feeling . i want to hear the spookiest ambient that's out there. :ph34r:


i like kepheus - dark matters.


any suggestions?

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Some tracks from Aphex Twins SAW II are dark and horror like. I can't say specifics with certainty as all of them are untitled.


Some of the tracks from Hesius Domes The Steam Age CDs are also mentally unstable and weird, tracks like The HD and Food Piano.


Speedy J - Sabina Seat


Ian Boddy - Nobody's Home


I can dig around and see if I can find more of these kind.

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Some tracks from Aphex Twins SAW II are dark and horror like.


if you're talking bout blue calx (the underwater soundscape)


i can recommend u this one : Ah Cama-Sotz - U-Boot


but also more dark than scary imo :)



Ah Cama-Sotz -> Darkest live-act in the world hehe =)


his OKK-ULTh pseudo is also worth mentioning if u're looking for haunted or demonic music





another one that just popped in my head :

Hybryds / Vidna Obmana - Music For Exhibiting Water With Contents: Soundtrack Voor Het Aquarium Zoo Antwerpen


very dark ambient with noises and screams of animals innit , very odd album

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if you're looking for mixes, i aswell have a darkambient mix online :)




Kryll - Heaverly Chills 902190




OKK-ULTh - Elizabeth Bathory

Goran Besov - Elements

Empusae - Ankhou

VA - Escape From Room 7

Vromb - Episodes

Phlegm - Ashes

Fatboy Slim - Sunset

Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath 01

Empusae - Lemures

Celluloïd Mata - La Connectique

Cyberchrist (on Agent Orange)

MS Gentur - Hands 2000

Virtus - E.P.Taph

Goran Besov - Elements

Elektroplasma - Molecules

Autechre - Peel Sessions

Vromb - Episodes

Goran Besov - Major Malfunction

Phlegm - Ashes

ADC - Crash Research

Goran Besov - Major Malfunction

Goran Besov - Elements

Orphx - Circuitbreaking

Dj Edge - 3

Virtus - E.P. Cure

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just came up with some other things



Hybryds / Yasnaïa - On The End Of The 7th Day / Cold Moon Over Black Water

Psychonaut 75 / Aesthetic Meat Front - Demonium Of The Earth / Bird Of Oblivion, An Incantation Of Fire


i coud describe it as being dark psychotic ritual music



Diamanda Galás - Plague Mass

ritualistic experimental vocals


Olhon - Veiovis

morbid darkambient



this stuff aint for easy listening ;)

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some stuff i checked just now, which i didnt mention yet

all in no specific order, all worth a listen



Pure Dark Ambient, mostly rhythmless


terra sancta - aeon

nazi ufo commander - strange monasteries

camanecroszcope - echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth

Camanecroszcope - Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum

Ah Cama Sotz - Baal

Ah cama-sotz - the house of the lordh

iszoloscope - les gorges des limbes

iszoloscope - the audient void

m² - the frozen spark

m² - Nyx

xabec - schneegarten

zoviet france - shadow thief of the sun

Dawn Projekt - Grey September

Lustmord - Zoëtrope

Kraken - Aquanaut



Dark Ambient with some industrial tracks


torsion - dark tattoo satellite

delta files - body bags

psychonauts - alchemy

goran besov - elements

ah cama-sotz - mantra

urawa - a dog called demolition



very dark Abstract Ambientish Minimal Electronics


Vromb - Le Facteur Humain

ah cama-sotz ~ pal - guilty audiowall

Aube - nerf vague minimalistique

frames a second - disoriented xpress





to end with ...

dont seem to find these last three on discogs, think it are mixtapes or livesets

(perhaps i could upload them, if interested)


acid kirk - le cimetière des éléphants -> frightening dark soundscapes imo...

OST (LivePA) (15-04-2000) -> abstract sounds that get airborn, but have a great subcounscious impact as they use lot's of contrasts

John Cage - Cartridge Music -> music solely made from turntable cartridges, very spacy but creepy and alienating

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