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New Hallucinogen track!

Magus Knight

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Hallucinogen-fans are hard to please ;)


Hmm.. I would rate it 3½ out of 5. Not a bad piece of work. But I'm not totally crazy for it either. Then again, I wasn't crazy for Shamanix on the first 4-5 listenings. The "Posford-touch" is still there, for sure.


I was more excited with the new Younger Brother-sound. And if I have to compare it to the other Hallucinogen-"tastes" we've seen in the last 3-4 years, I say they were immensely better (especially "Big Tits") - with the exception of Bubble 'n Tweak, which never really grew on me.


Having said that, I'm giddy as holy jumping fuck with this new twitch and life-sign from the Hallucinogen-sphere, indicating a new album is on the way. I'm getting ready for a new spiritually cleansing derangement of the senses.

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Yea that would be sweet...Hit and Run (posford breakbeat remix)

Becoming Insane (posford killah remix)


That would be the day..

Lol but seriously Im really enjoying those weird cat sounds...I dig this track

Whoops.... I'm not saying I'd listen to it. I'm just waiting for him to go full on and shock all the religious Posford believers. the new one is okay.... for his standards. anyone else, it would be awesome.
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not bad... doesnt sound like anything i haven't heard before though.


kinda sounds like the early stuff with -this will probably make some people mad- but it has a somewhat infected sound to it,


then shpongle plus old hallucinogen...


more or less a hash of old stuff. I really like this type track myself, the sounds, etc it does seem to be missing anything way mega full on BUT as a preview free track, i don't expect that much.


argh, it just slows down at the end??


If he wants to be great again he needs to push the boat not just recreate his old stuff while copying modern trends.

+1 million
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I think its very good. I don't understand comparing it to anything else; a work is a work on its own terms. If you like it, then good; if not, then good. If you don't like it because it doesn't sound like LSD or because it doesn't meet some expectations then you have some musical maturing to do.



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I don't understand comparing it to anything else; a work is a work on its own terms.

well in this case when it sounds exactly like everything else by hallucinogen, you can't help compare it

and i don't really see a work that contains other works as a work on its on terms.


we're not comparing apples and oranges here, we're comparing one apple to another, and they sure look the same to me which is unfortunate because i really wanted a tangerine or something.......

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no it's not...it's a mix between 3 different versions of LSD...the original, oliver lieb's and one other...

This mix? --> LSD (World Sheet Of Closed String Mix) or this mix? --> LSD (L.S. Doof Remix)

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