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Amsterdam, Saturday May 17, 2008 ~ SINE OF LIFE (Ozmali Records)

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|'| Sine of Life ~ Saturday, May 17, 2008 ~ from 23:00 till 10:00 |'|



surfing on sinewaves

a universe of rhythm

macrocosmic dance



Spiral Floor / Psychedelic Trance



JAHBO (Parvati Records / Denmark)

- performing a 3 hour live / dj set


OZMALI (Ozmali Records)

- live & dj set



JAHBO (Parvati Records / Denmark)

IDEFIXE (Helicon Soundsystem / NL)

OZMALI (Ozmali Records)

SATYR (Forest of Eleusis)



UpStars / Chillout, Downtempo, Progressive


DR MAYA (Maya Collective)

NASHRA (Universo Paralello / Sweden)

and KRIYA .. of course



* Cosmic Foreground Decoration


FLOWERS OF LIFE decoration (Finland)

HAILISEN LASSE lasers (Finland)

SHIPIBO aromatics & decoration

OZMALI hexefluodeco


and introducing


HYBRITT herbhysteria performance



* Spacetime Continuum


f(t): Saturday May 17, 2008, 23:00-10:00

f(xyz): De Waakzaamheid, Hoogstraat 4

Koog aan de Zaan, The Neverlands

(half a freewave north of Amsterdam)

> please click here for online map


! our own party shuttle will go back and forth all night

meetingpoint Droogbak, Amsterdam Central Station


> for pendelbus map & public transport details, please click here



* Subtractive Access Equation


€ 12,- entrance at the door

€ 10,- tickets at presale




Nieuwendijk 41-43

Amsterdam / NL





* Wave Support Maintenance


The Pollinator




* Interreactive I/O











* Sinewave Oscillator Source


Ozmali Records - music for modern rituals


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| ' | Ozmali Records presents ~ Sine of Life ~ 17.05.2008 | ' |



surfing on sinewaves

a universe of rhythm

macrocosmic dance



On Saturday the 17th of May Ozmali Records will illuminate the night's sky with Sine of Life,

a nocturnal phenomenon where many variations within psychedelic trance flow together

and trance culture as a whole is embraced to unite all forests from the trees.


Special guests for the 2008 edition will be:

Jahbo (Parvati records / Denmark) performing for the first time in the Netherlands with

a three hour live and dj set; Flowers of Life decoration and Hailisen Lasers from Finland,

who have been responsible for beautifying the main floor at Boom Festival 2006,

and will be doing both Boom festival and Antaris this year.


They will be accompanied by an array of deejays and a fresh live performance by Ozmali,

to completely transform the Waakzaamheid in a senseblending audio-visual explosion.


This event is a manifestation of Ozmali Records, a virtual fusion reactor

for uniting elementary electronica with the ancient spirit of dance;

a source for transmitting music for modern rituals.



The location for our outdoor afterparty

will be announced during the night.



- Flowers of Life and Hailisen at Boom Festival, Portugal 2006:


Posted ImagePosted Image*



- various 2D/3D & Hailisen laser:


Posted Image**

Posted Image*

Posted Image







click here for party detailed party information

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