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~ Digicult : Out of this world - DACRU RECORDS (2008) ~


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Out of this world (CD)


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1. Star Travel

2. Days in space (vs. U-Recken)

3. Out of this world

4. Red Planet

5. Cosmic Company

6. Awaken the dream

7. Magic

8. Icarus One

9. The Return (vs. Fatali)







This is modern morning fullon, crystal clear mastered and produced.

Considering their debut album where Digicult created their own sounds and produced some encouraging fullon track, like "all balls"

Out in out of this world you can expect more typical morning fullon as we know it...

A more subtle concept is used here and the variety of sounds is is highly present.

Digicult has chosen to go in a less aggressive melodic way, more emo tuned sounds, although the previous and remarkable

digicult sound comes around to once & while off course...

The baseline and kick is more floating, subtle and influenced by the actual morning spirit.

The vocal samples being used, non singing, don't get me wrong, are not emo-indian-spiritual element.

It's more like a combination of sending messages together with some psytrance foundation.

The eye for detail from the beginning tot the last creates nice intro's and very nice outro's...

Not like ordinary fullon digicult build up to a climax and then let it fade all the way...

Somehow there new pattern just keeps the mind busy and not overloaded so it doesn't become annoying...

Not only the psy-sounds, waves contain variety but also the baseline isn't a continue of the same pattern...

Breaks, combined with samples, announcing

climaxes create the opportunity for changing/switching patterns of baselines what can only be seen as a plus for this album.


Well it's good start for the summer.


The contrast is nice between the debut album

and this one for those who have followed a bit...


Morning fullon lovers will appreciate it

and this album isn't inferior to some good fullon releases in 2008,

for example new loud ...


Progressive lovers who like a taste morning fullon once & while

but don't want to get overhyped by melodies,

this might be a good try...


good release with a good vibe...


Good accessible for those who like psychedelic trance in general…


grtz and enjoy :-)



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Posted Image










1. Star Travel 145 BPM


2. Days in space (vs. U-Recken) 144 BPM


3. Out of this world 146 BPM


4. Red Planet 146 BPM


5. Cosmic Company 146 BPM


6. Awaken the dream 146 BPM


7. Magic 147 BPM


8. Icarus One 146 BPM


9. The Return (vs. Fatali) 140 BPM



I must admit that I am new to the Digicult name and am unaware of their previous work. This album came as a refreshing surprise to me as I being a full on lover of all people was even starting to grow tired of the same formulas. This release has rejuvinated my love for the genre once again. This album flows together like a story which I love :wub:


Lets break it down:


1. Star Travel 145 bpm


Already starting off with some mysterious atmosphere, followed by some vocals about space, and then a nice build up to the beat, then comes in some nice melodies. What I already like here is that the melodies are produced intricately for a change and aren't cheap like so many others are today. Warm melodies give way to a more frantic yet not overproduced sound with some nice background sounds towards the end. Great start!!


2. Days In space (vs. U-Recken) 144 bpm


Hints of dark atmosphere with some truelly psychedelic whips and splashes. Once again, an absolutely amazing bass line. This music is made for nothing more then dreamely dancing. I want to hear this on a huge sound system!! flowing along like the next page of a story book, the song comes to a full power end like fullon used to years ago.


3. Out Of This World 146 bpm


"Attention all crew members, prepare for landing" signature layers of melodies chopped up and twisted come in and out as this song escalates. Great beginning to one of my favorite tracks on the album. "perhaps our survival is possible somewhere else" here we go..... Big build up, and then down one last time until the final buildup takes of suttely.


4. Red Planet 146 bpm


One of the less stand out tracks, but nevermind, once again, that little something that keeps my mind occupied before it drifts away. What I like about Digicults style is that it keeps pulling me in. Rich, warm floating production. I love how the tempo changes with some out of this world :rolleyes: environments this song tends to create in my mind. I judged to early, another freakin favorite.


5. Cosmic Company 146 bpm


People are always complaining about to many of the same cheesy vocals being played over and over again, not with the release, great vocals I have never heard before in every song that all go together like a puzzle. What more can I say about this song besides another continuation of a journey that should never end. Especially the melodies, I have to say it again, Every song has those melodies that my soul thirsts for. Hands and feet all over the place melodies. Eyes closed melodies, drifting away melodies.


6. Awaken The Dream 146 bpm


One of the deeper tracks on the album, which as the title states has a very dreamy element while still having a full force bass line and kick, "I was coming into a dream and leaving the waking reality", followed by a storming ending in all of its own glory just as it should be.


7. Magic 147 bpm


I dont really like the main sound used in this track. At least the track still progresses into a riot at the end, but Im not to keen on the melody. Still some good patterns here, just not the best track imo. Nice ending anyways, after the melody dissapears.


8. Icarus One 146 bpm


This is more like it once again. A nice mature sound. Combinations of melodies coupled with atmospheric tones give me a feeling as if I'm surrounded by dreams in another galaxy. Pure magic. Floating would be a great word to sum up this entire track.


9. The Return (vs. Fatali) 140 bpm


The slower track on the album, the down tempo track if you wanna call it that. This track sounds alot different then the rest, then again, it is a collaberation. There is an almost uplifting melody here, ok it is uplifting. Yes this track is very soothing and brings this story book to a peaceful close.



Not a bad track on the album imo. Im not sure if I would understand anyone not liking this release, if they would really give an in depth and open minded listen to it. Im sure that most will find something to their likings here. Already on my list for the best of 2008. This should definetly not be overlooked, don't miss out!!


Favorites: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8

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After deep 3 listening, i can note the fact that, this album is fantastic very solid with no bad track, it's really rare these day, i really enjoy Star Travel and Awaken The Dream, all long melodic and mature music. Cosmic Company get a very catchy break near the begining.


Joli . 8/10

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This thread needs more posts, very good CD all round. All tracks, no trash at all.


Digicults last CD was good, but it didnt really catch me. I was happy to listen to it but nothing stuck out.


I think this CD though is able to catch the listener more and their work has improved.

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This is MAGIC. Yeah, the track is one of the best here. Another favourite is "Awaken the Dream"/


The whole album is magnificent - that's how full-on should be done: postive, energetic, soulful and beautiful.

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Very powerful album. i have to have to hear this outdoors on a massive sound system. cosmic company is sooo good as are rest of the tracks. there is something missing in the ephedrix and u-recken albums which makes me like this one more. i wonder what that is ? melodies ?

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I will add to the chorus of favorable reviews of this release. It's very good! No filler, all good tracks. It's trancey morning-style, which isn't always my favorite. But it works because the lighter, trancey melodies aren't overused and there's great variety to the sounds.


There's also continuity among the tracks. The theme of the album is space travel and that's reflected in the samples used throughout. It really is like a story as another reviewer stated.


The sci-fi theme might not work for everyone but I've always liked that aspect of psy, going all the way back to the "little green men" obsession of the early goa artists. To me psytrance is "the music of the future" so I always enjoy futuristic samples (and drug references! :wacko: I'm a sucker for those).


This is very high quality morning psytrance. Not for everyone perhaps but it works for me!

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