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Poppy/housey tracks


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People dont seem to learn that you can not ask these hippies here for NON PSY!

yeah, right! damn hippies :angry:


How about Andre Absolut? Most of his remixes are warm and housy :wub:

Just right now I'm checking out Roman Rai ... might be something for you aswell...

Maybe Playmaker (Chris Pointdexter's second personality)?


That's all rather prog-housey though. I don't know anything with that poppy-ness that Ticon - 2AM has. Maybe the "MTV" mentionings weren't even that wrong concerning this ... for example Madonna nowadays sounds like that...


There's a kinda "poppy" (not housey though) tune you could check out though: Shiva Chandra - Return To Atlantis :rolleyes::P

Seriously :D


BTW, Models On Cocaine is a killer! The only reason to buy 2AM. But since I got it for free (legally!), I won't buy it :P

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I wouldn´t exaclty call the following poppy/housey but they all have a similar vibe to models on cocaine:


Beauty and the beat - The sogfiles (and their singles on compiliations)

Brisker & Magitman (debut album out soon but they have loads of great singles on comps to check out)


Human Traffic

V/A - Kinky Beats

V/A- Riding Out

V/A- Stereo Slave

V/A- Trash Art

D-Noz & Beckers- City lights

Tegma- Lo-Fi Adventures

Sebastien Leger- Planets

Maelstrom, aka DJ Emok- S/T

And possibly Haltya- Book of nature (although might be a bit too weird for what you´re looking for)



Really enjoying this type of music atm, granted may not be the most inventive, complex music in the world, but it reeeaally makes me want to dance and always puts me in a good mood :)

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Come on people, don't spam the recommendation topics just because you don't like the style. Seems to be the newest trend at psynews (also with full-on thread). Set some posts invisible.

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