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Dousk - D.I.Y.

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SkeletonMan    3

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Artist: Dousk

Album: D.I.Y.

Released: 17. Nov 2005

Label: Klik Records, Greece

Style: Chill-out, house, ambient



1 All About You (5:29)

2 Anagram (4:44)

3 Robot (6:18)

4 As If (5:03)

5 Florence (7:11)

6 Espero Sun (7:45)

7 Chrysalis (6:07)

8 Busmekanik (5:42)

9 Feign (2:25)

10 Sidewalk Lovin' (6:38)

11 Bubbles (7:47)

12 Page Up (5:43)

13 Dongle (4:11)

14 Falling People (4:13)


I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve basically heard Dousk’s DIY back to back since it magically reappeared in webshops March 2008 after being out of stock for ages. And I like what I hear. I like what I hear a lot!


Stylewise DIY leans towards Sasha’s Airdrawndagger which is a big, up-beat chill out album in my book. DIY may fit the house label but the entire piece would fit perfect at the chill out stage. It will most likely send you dancing, yes, but not main stage aggressive. Grrrooving and easy going diy is a chillin’ tripper setting you up for early afternoon dancing.


And never more so than from Florence and on. Rest assured the first four tracks are by no means fillers but I like my chill-out with a snare dram and things pick up here.


Favourites? Alright, Espero Sun, Busmekanik and Bubbles trance me pretty damn sweet. The first two for a dance and the dark Bubbles for a ride. Bubbles crosses well into house and succeeding Page Up remains there. Sweet sweet ride.


Dongle ends my ride with a hint almost to X-Dream craziness (!). If one might detect a glimse of cheese here and there, say, in a track like Esperon Sun with its’ grand final theme, through and out this album is so quality infested a journey you have to put aside those inhibitions. The persistence, happy feel and orchestral approach. Fuck me over. I’m in!


Closing track Falling People wouldn’t play on my laptop without a shitload of skipping so can’t be wise about it. It wouldn’t do much difference though. diy is one stomper of an album and an essential in any well-equipped chill-out dj’s stash bag.


Happy hunting ;)

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Aspartic    60

One of the best chill prog albums out there. Heard it dozens of times.

I have it in that cardboard cd case. ^_^

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