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VA - Acid Transmission [Trishula Records]

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VA - Acid Transmission

Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD015

Release date: 6 June 2008

CD jewel case

EAN code: 4260089560253

Arabesque Distribution London


Posted Image


Acid Transmission is the new compilation by Trishula Records, 10 fresh & unreleased musical journeys.


The transmission is powered by 10 artists, no need to introduce them as you know all of them

as most of them having released music at Trishula before or other labels well known for their psychedelic music.

The concept is to dig deeper and further into the realms of psychedelic trance.


1.wi']['ch - Fractal Generator

2.Zoolog - Contradictionary

3.Purosurpo - Multi Range

4.Arabali - Mars is Amazing

5.Attoya vs OIL - Escaping The Bubble

6.Karash - Likadelic

7.Oil - Behemot

8.Olien - Dynaversum

9.Mind Distortion System - Looking At The Sky

10.Psyfactor - Mythical


More info and soon audio samples online at:





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