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I agree as well. And I am glad that there are swog artists making different sounds

just a lot are doing some fairly standard melodic stuff (which is great too :)


Really loving that new EP from Innerself and the Alienapia was a monster

(horizon is one of my favs btw - nicely done)


Yes, it's good to have some variation within the scene. I think the melodic overweight nowadays is mainly due to the (deserved!) popularity of Suntrip Records. They've always been highlighting the very melodic Goa stuff (except for Ka-Sol) and are definetely better known than other labels such as Ultiva or Cronomi that are pulling out darker stuff. However, the Suntrippers also promised us a darker compilation in two months.


Anyhow...melodies remain on top for me! And thx for the album appreciation btw! :)

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When are we gonna see an album from you?


We are planning to finish album this year. We have about 4-5 finished tracks now but already they are booked except one (Trance India Express rmx which you can hear on our myspace). But now few tracks are in progress and almost done, then we will have half album finished. So, release date will be end of this year or next.


New tracks are in a little different style from first ones, but still have old shape with more mystic and magical sounds.



Thanks for support :)

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:blink::ph34r:B):o:lol: Yesss!


I have in plan to make promo compilation such as OiG done but with UAF artists. Don't have time now because of CD compilations but for summer i will start something :)


Mix of styles from UAF: old school, new school, dark, forest, nitzo, acid and maybe ambient/downtempo...

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Just to add my 2 cents, there are some artists writing the darker less-melodic goa. I wouldn't say non-melodic, because goa can't be non melodic at all. It wouldn't be goa. :)

First of all, there is Anakoluth - which isn't writing at the moment because he is busy with studying, but he has some darker than dark music. And even he has some melodies inside.

Now there's PortaMento which is finalizing his album - this is also dark and psychedelic goa. His track on People Walk Funny was just about the most melodic track he has ever written.

If what you think of as "Melodic goa" is the stuff that Suntrip releases, which is the "wave your hands in the air happy happy" type of goa - then you might also want to check out Artha - which is so much different from everything else you hear.


Hmm.. Seems like I accidentally wrote a promotional post for Cronomi ;) Anyway - the reason that melodic goa is so much common than the darker goa is because of some reasons:

It's much more popular, with Suntrip leading the way.

It's easier to write - just put on a few melodies and you got 8 minutes of a track.

It's easier to listen to - same reasons. After all, most music (not just trance) is melodic.

There are artists writing the darker unmelodic stuff, you just need to look for them. Most of those artists are somewhat older and more mature (being careful here not to say that the rest are just kids), and they are not in a hurry to release every single half-track they make, so you don't hear about them much.

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It's easier to write - just put on a few melodies and you got 8 minutes of a track.

It's easier to listen to - same reasons. After all, most music (not just trance) is melodic.



These two statements are not necessarily true. I know what you mean by that, but someone might misunderstand your views.


Creating a melody isn't just about putting notes together, it's about creating a certain atmosphere, feeling and an energy inside of it. Unfortunately, there are many musicians today, not just in Goa, but in all music genres, who tend to take some melodies from other songs or tracks, and to change 2 or 3 notes, and to get their own "melody" which is nothing but a stealing business for me. They also use a lot of preset arps, pads and sequences which is also very lame and noobish. Not to mention pre-made rhytm sections or even entire sequences of the track.



On the other hand, there are a lot of artists who start their melodies from scratch, creating their own synthesized sounds from scratch too, and in the end they get a complex melody which is 90% unique and can't be repeated (even if it sounds similar to something what you may have heard before). As far as I can recognize, many melodies that I hear in Goa today are very original in a sense of production, but yet very similar. However, artists shouldn't be totally blamed for that. It's the limit of the Arabic and Neopolitan minor scales we're talking about. Almost all the other scales sound less psychedelic for our westernised ears. I think that's one of the problems which many artists face at the beginning. That is why I think Goa trance was abandoned with the coming of a new millenia - due to a lack of ideas for new melodies and their expansion. Limiting a music genre to a single (or a few) scales is the worst thing to do. We all have to explore the soundscapes of this universe :)


Now, how can an average listener perceive which melody is fake, stolen, or original and created from the mind of an artist whose name is written on the CD cover? Well, if you ask me, the chances are very small that the listener will give a damn about it, and that's the saddest thing about modern music in general. The only thing that remains is that quality producers and composers will remain present on the scene for a longer time than the fake ones (presuming that they want to stay present on the scene), and they will always have something refreshing and surprising to offer.

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I agree with Arronax. Of course you can just create a bunch of quick and randomish melodies, but to make a real standout melody is another thing. Personally I think it's the most difficult and important part. Sometimes it takes me months before I am happy with a melody!

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It's easier to write - just put on a few melodies and you got 8 minutes of a track.

It's easier to listen to - same reasons. After all, most music (not just trance) is melodic.


Sorry mr. Mike -_- , can't agree with your statement :P .

It sure is damn hard to find a good melody that stands out , that won't sound like anybody else's and that sticks in your head.

Imagine me going to say : hey , sure it's a piece of cake to do a dark track , just play with the OSC's randomly , get a good weird noise and start doing rhythms with it.

None of this is true and you know it .

Music Production is NOT easy , but cmon Mike , what about the Mad Scientists Night , it has a melody ;) .

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I think both things require a very different skillset to accomplish; it is true that there's always an overlap but I know many a producer that can do one but not the other, or only to a limited extent, and swear that what they can't do (obviously) is the most difficult thing ever. Very subjective thing, and the good thing is that melodic music does not exclude purely rhythmic music ie you can like both just as easily. I for one do.


Those that can do both, however, are on to something IMHO.

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Another Hungarian artist: Aurasound (aka Aurafood)



Aurasound - El Alma De La Tierra (a great song in my opinion ;) )


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It's so inspiring to see how many people keep goa trance alive. B)


Don't forget about Russian scene:







Hypnotic Signal






Wrong Mantra







Solid Gear

you must listen to his track - "Aggressors" !!! It's just a masterpiece. :rolleyes:




And one guy from Estonia:





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Where can I buy this album - The Tree of Life ?


Unfortunately this compilation was a special one, it could be purchased only at last year's Ozora (the biggest annual Hungarian psytrance festival) and a small party held at a club in Budapest. I'm trying to get a copy of this as I have some friends who know the ones responsible for this compilation (Oleg, a well-known Hungarian dj and Hosszu, a member of Aurafood/Aurasound).

Actually there will be a bigger open-air party at Saturday in Budapest where Aurafood/Aurasound will perform. I'm looking forward to hear this song on a 16000W 3D sound system. :P

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Anyone got infos about this Israeli guy, is he still active (under some other project maybe)? Only infos i found on the internet is some promo text:


''Lior Schwarts, 23 years old from Israel, is making his first steps in the music production industry. His first track appeared in the 1st Golden Vibes and here we get to hear his second track so far. The track's name speaks for itself. Sounding as if written back in that year, Lior manages to write excellent music with an old feeling to it. You can recognize some influences from the classic Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land. Pay close attention to this one and mind that name. We shall expect a bright future for this young artist. ''

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He isn't active anymore. He is one of those Israeli talents I wanted for Cronomi Records, but he is focusing on his studies of marine biology instead. I do hope that he will return to writing music in the future.

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