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The 2nd Generation Goa Collective


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In this thread post the websites and info (myspaces, promotional places, infos, websites, etc) of all producers of this 2nd generation goa sound we love. I'll organize a list and sub-styles once we get rolling. The purpose of this thread is to spread awareness for this budding revival scene and to show just how broad it is. We need to unite this music and establish it as a legitimate genre and a legitimate direction now that "psy" music is getting further and further from the palette we recognize as melodic psychedelia.


Artists: (so far in no order or organization). Descriptions and background will follow. I would also like to start collecting all free or promotional media released by the following artists in this thread, and will generally greatly expand the list with info when I find the time/get the help to do so (anyone interested? :) )







Radical Distortion




Liquid Flow

The Wonder Boy






Filteria / K.O.B.

Indika Project


Infinite Dimensions





This list shows some of the more common names, but I definately plan on including any and every goa producer.

There is atleast 5 times as many names as are shown here, I'm out of time tonight but will revisit this, so...

PLEASE contribute names or sites of any artists you know of and together we'll compile this catalogue...remember, together we create our own happyness. The goa kids will stomp the dirt yet again.


Special note: Full on is not goa trance! Infected Mushroom is not goa trance! Goa Trance Volume 33 is not goa trance! We know what goa trance is, and this list will feature only this kind of music or other alternative genres of melodic psychedelic trance.

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Thanks guys, keep em comming, I hope to have an extensive list maintained to show the momentum that this music is taking. Its only been a few years and all these artists have showed up, and they all serve only to inspire more and more. I think its a remarkable coincidence that a good 2 dozen artists have been building skills and working on goa since as far as 2001, and that in the last couple of years they have all surfaced skillfully. Its like a feeling in the air is manifesting into sound.

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Goalien Keywords: Hard Melodic Party

Zolphinia Keywords: Soft Melodic Listening

Diaks Keywords: Soft Melodic & Dark Party


Instead of using specified substyles we could use some keywords like I did here? I'd like to help a hand where I can :)


EDIT: Even those keywords are far from accurate & kinda subjective...anyway, it was just an idea.

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@Agneton, yeah I was hoping to do an "influences" blip under each name and just give people a few very general words on what to expect from the sound - i'll take anything they're all valid, just keep them extremely vague, we'll come up with vocabulary as we go along I'm sure.


For example,


Influence: nitzhonot, powerful, melodic


Influence: psychedelic, chaotic,


Influence: oriental, exotic, melodic


Is something like that cool? We can do a few and if people widely disagree we'll ditch it :P



Yeah this kind of project has been in my mind for the last couple of months actually, I seem to have realized someone eventually needs to start it. I'm probably the worst person since I'm so pressed for time and I prefer to make music rather than seek it all out, some of you guys will be much better at that than me. Anyway, in the end its pretty worthwhile for what it achieves, don't you think? :)


In the longer run I would also like to organize the artists by the labels they associate with or whether they are unsigned/unreleased.

In the longest run, info on what country they are from too, but we will do this all once we have the list fairly solid. I'm sure discogs will help alot.

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Maybe these artists also:


The Muses rapt

Ediya (I couldn't find myspace)



All can be found at Golden Vibes 2.




And the idea of making a big list of artists is awesome! I've just been looking for some goa, and except at Suntrip records, I couldn't find it anywhere. I also checked psydb, but it looks as the genre isn't specified in the releases (only one album showed up when looking for goa in 2007 :blink: ). So, yeah this will really help a lot!!

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What should the name for newschool goa trance be? It is ofcourse Goa, and before that its Psychedelic Trance, but we have to refer to new stuff compared to the old stuff as "newschool" goa...which I don't really like since in the end its the same style. Some have suggested all sorts of names, neu goa, nuskool goa...really unnatractive pompous names like that.


Why not call it Melodic Goa Trance, or Melodic Psychedelic Trance (to be broader). This is most acurate to me since unanimously all these artists are indeed very big on the melodies and have adopted the melodic style of older goa trance (continueing it, as I say). This style of goa that has survived today is melodic as opposed to some of the more minimal or techy styles of goa (even full on goa) that went on the path thats become what psytrance is today.


Well, I'm calling "newschool" as melodic goa trance from now on, and I will include in it all the melodic peices that defined goa for us back 10 years ago, as the modern sound we hear today really are just continueing to explore that story.


I'm abit busy with some other things in the musical world, but when I find a chunk of time durring a borring night when I'm not mixing or producing I'll get back to organizing this list! Should be soon. Until then, continue adding every promising goa artist you see to this list.

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This is an apsolute excellent thread, not many people would get the idea to open such an excellent thread and establish sucha project. i am really looking forword to bigger lists and so on because this genre must as you say get live. Guys, please list in this thread also artists with similar sound to old hallucinogen stuff.

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Would like to say that I think this list so far is complete with most of the prominent names (I mean everything everyone has added) - from here if we find anything they will be projects hiding on myspace, acidplanet, beatbiz, basically mp3 sites for amateurs to upload. Actually, I know personally about 5-6 artists who have releases today, including myself, who first appeared on download sites with their first productions years ago, those names just never stopped growing... I've unfortunately stopped looking as much but I know that the future artists are all in sites like those - its just alot of work to sift through the bad and generic sounds and to find the new ones, especially since there are so many upload sites.

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Ah true, overlooked indeed - thanks agneton :)



Quick promotional: I think it'd be a good idea to assemble a list of good mixes of this music. I'll start with this one :)http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=51181


Sorry that I've not yet edited the main body to update it with the material we've gathered, will do it soon, i promise!

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