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1st March :: Alpha Omega Launch :: London UK


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Alpha Omega - Launch Party


Saturday 1st March 2008


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SeOne Club, Weston Street

London Bridge, London. UK


Alpha Omega is a fresh collaborative event, celebrating the combined efforts of the UK's leading event production teams, promoters and records labels. Presenting the best cutting edge electronic dance music by the finest producers and DJs from the Uk and across the glode. Combined with the award winning video production company - Inside-Us-All, recently voted number #1 VJ in the world [DJ mag 2007] and leading environment & decor crews like Tribe of Frog, Fluffy Mafia and Skymermaid. Held at the now legandary 3000 capcity venue SeOne, one of Londons biggest nightclubs, the famous arches with 5 epic rooms, 5 bars, and the most advanced lighting and sound installs in London.



Room 1 :: Liquid Records meets Tribe of Frog :: Psychedelic Trance




Green Nuns Of The Revolution •More Info•

Scorb •More Info•

Rastaliens •More Info•




Beatnik vs TronBeatNik InfoTron InfoLiquid Records

EXCLUSIVE Set of their collaboration project and New music


DJ Kana •Liquid Records• First UK date in 2years!

Natzan •Tribe of Frog•

Psychosonic •Tribe of Frog•


Decor: Tribe of Frog

Visuals: Inside-Us-All • LSDave • MattShroom



Room 2 :: Further Project meets Crystal Yamantaca :: Progressive




Ace Ventura (Iboga) •More Info•

Klopfgeister UK Debut (Iono) •More Info•

Ignorant Fairy (Further Project) •More Info•




Side A (Mikrokosmos) •More Info•

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Records) •More Info•

Hamish (Further Project/Alchemy) •More Info•

Morph (Liquid Records/Further Project) •More Info•


Decor: Fluffy Mafia

Visuals: Magic Lantern



Room 3 :: Archangel & Nu-school Hippies :: Breaks and Nu-Breaks




iLs (Botchit & Scarper/Archangel^) •More Info•

Rex (Sinister/Liquid Records) •More Info•




Far to Loud (Funkatech/Archangel^) •More Info•

Annie Nightingale (Radio 1 Tour) •More Info•

Simon Pieman (Archangel/PharPsyde) •More Info•

Freshold aka Chicken Unit (Archangel) •More Info•

Agent Smith •More Info•

Tom Real


Visuals: VJ Air

Decor: Archangel

Lighting: Bubble Vision



Room 4 :: Square Roots meets Blood Tribe :: Dubstep/IDM




Milanese (Planet Mu/Square Records) •More Info•

Ital Tek (Planet Mu/Square Records) •More Info•

Nagual Sound Experiment vs. Screenager (Shook/Liquid Records) •More Info•

Bass Clef (Blank Tapes) •More Info•

Sick Rebel (Blood Tribe) •More Info•

Blam (Blood Tribe) •More Info•




DJ Hatcha (Tempa) •More Info•

Rustie (Stuff Records) •More Info•

Neek (Blood Tribe/Shawskank) •More Info•


Visuals: Inside-Us-All



Room 5 :: Dakini Records & Gandalf's Garden Party :: Chill and Eclectic Beats




Makyo UK DEBUT (Dakini Records) •More Info•

Orchid Star (Liquid Sound) •More Info•

Slackbaba (Liquid Records) •More Info•

Warp Technique (Dubmission/Wakyo) •More Info•




Ipcress (Omniscience/Gandalf's Garden Party) •More Info•

Digital Donkey (Omniscience) •More Info•

Greg Hunter (Dakini Records) •More Info•


Lighting: Photonweaver

Decor: Kinky Pixie & Gandalf's Garden




Advance Tickets: £15+ Booking Fee :: www.accessallareas.org


Lots more info @ www.myspace.com/alphaomegaevents

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also .. check the Myspace page ... every tuesdy (I think) ur chance to win a pair of free tickets ...



and also the Facebook group where the comp also runs on a monday ...



not bad eh ?! :posford:








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Makyo ... wow .. amazing to have him join us from Japan! .. one of my ALL TIME favorite artists .. his music is just sublime!


Makyo will be DJing at the event accompanied by vocalist Nona Kalra and further performers currently being selected. If u a Makyo fan or like the downtempo world music fusion .. this is going to be an amazing rare treat!


on Makyo ...


Makyo is the bench mark in Indo-Arab Electronic Fusion. His music is am intricate, interwoven collage. Live instruments and vocals are fed into the sampler to be cut up, and arranged in radical new sounds.


:: Info from Dakini Records / www.dakinirecords.com ::


'Makyo spins almost every weekend somewhere in Tokyo or other parts of Japan -- he has a particularly strong following amongst Tokyo's booming bellydance scene for his dancefloor mixes of tribal dub and eastern grooves.

Residencies include Dakini Nights (ambient), Orient Express (ethno), and Tribal Fusion Night (tribal!) As a dj, Makyo has spun alongside, Steve Hillage/Mirror System, Mixmaster Morris, Karsh Kale, Alex Patterson (The Orb), Haruomi Hosono (YMO), Adham Shaikh, Dj Yakuza, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Cheb-i-Sabbah and more.'

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Ok here we go with the Progressive Room lineup...


.:Furthur Project & Crystal Yamantaka presents:.


10 - 12 - Morph DJ (Liquid/Furthur Project)

12 - 1 - Ignorant Fairy *live* (Futhur Project)

1 - 2.45 - Kasey Taylor DJ (Vapour Records)

2.45 - 3.45 - Side A *live* (Mikrokosmos)

3.45 - 5 - Ace Ventura *live* (Iboga)

5 - 6 - Klopfgeister *live* (Iono)

6 - 7 - Hamish DJ (Alchemy/Furthur Project)



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Set times for the breaks room...


Agent Smith: 10.00 – 11.00pm

Tom Real: 11.00 – 12.00am

Ils LIVE: 12.00-1.00am

Annie Nightingale: 1.00am – 2.00am

Far Too Loud: 2.00 – 4.00am

Blatta & Inesha: 4.00 – 5.00am

Freshold: 5.00 -6.00

Simon Pieman 6.00 – 7.00pm

Rex LIVE: 7.00 – 8.00am



Can't wait! Far too loud kick arse! :D

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found the dubstep room set times too!! gettin soo excited & it looks so good - spread the love folks ;)


10:00-11:00 Blam (Live)

11:00-12:00 Hatcha

12:00-01:00 Rustie (Live)

01:00-02:00 Nse/Slew vs. Screenager (Live)

02:00-03:00 Milanese (Live)

03:00-04:00 Ital Tek (Live)

04:00-05:00 Bass Clef (Live)

05:00-06:00 Sick Rebel (Live)

06:00-07:00 Neek

07:00-08:00 Zak

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This will be slightly large. So many styles under one roof! Gonna be lots of friendly faces there too, Psyforum has been buzzing about this for ages. Be sure to save some energy for the afterparty at the Collosseum though, I hear OOOD are playing! wowowow can't wait to see them, they're fantastic, my favouritest band ever in the whole world...



Why are you looking at me like that?

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