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OmVeda Records debut... V.A Tapasya.... Coming soon

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Om Veda Records is a part of THE OM ALLIANCE which is an artist run label alliance from the capital city of India comprising of 3 sub-labels, Chill Om Records, Om Groove Records and Om Veda Records respectively; specialising in 3 different genres of the electronic music spectrum....ethno-electro down-tempo, chill-out, ambient, ethno-progressive (trance/house), ethno-psychedelic trance... and is currently home to some of the best names of neo -indian ethno-electronica.and releases from some of the leading names of indian electronica and other countries.


Om Veda Records basically focuses at Ethno-Psychedelic trance made by musicians, not technicians, which is always warm, Hardcore live and tinged with acoustic and indian Folk Vibes. The label was set up in order to explore new dimensions of pure Psychedelic Trance music combined with live instruments and vocals.


We at Om Veda Records seek to push the sounds further, into new realms of sonic bliss...and spiritual awakening!


Om Veda Records was established in January 2007 by a group of Psychedelic trance music enthusiasts,musicians, and producers to actively promote up and coming talent from the vast world of unsigned music.


Our team of A&R representatives work continuously to bring you the very best in undiscovered and innovative talent from all over India and other countries.


Om Veda Records is a fully-independent label focusing on innovation and creativity, and we firmly believe in rewarding artists for the work they do. So, by buying our music you are helping to support independent music as a whole and contributing to our campaign to bring true talent into the mainstream


Our download's start from just $ 0.69 per song and $ 6.0 per album . If you want to get more involved please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or use our contact page to talk to someone here at Om Veda.


We distribute music to many digital download portals as well as on our own online store, and will soon be releasing limited edition CDs for sale online and through specialist stores throughout Europe, Mexico, and Israel.



This compilation features a culmination of established producers with some fresh and exciting debuts showcasing a fresh sound through a complete journey.



Tracklist :


1.Kerosene Club





6.Pulse vs Gappeq





Release date : Tba


Keep watching this space for more updates!!

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Hello folks!


Sorry for this delay as things have been quite hectic in the last few months. But anyhow... Things have now started to get rolling. First up, there are few changes in the tracklist. Introducing 3 talented new artists Mind Game(side project of White Wizard) and Braindrop from India and Spyrallus from Australia, alongside top producers Kerosene Club, Gappeq, Darkshire and Psyboriginal. Apologies to other artists that were earlier featured and not being part of this one. We would feature them for upcoming ones. The new tracklist is as follows :


1. Darkshire & Detonator - Micro Reactor

2. Mind Game - Web Castle

3. Gappeq - Nucleus

4. Kerosene Club - Into the womb of parvati

5. Gappeq - Gemini Project

6. Braindrop - RigVeda

7. Darkshire vs Detonator - Freakdafunkup Rmx

8. Spyrallus - Reconstructed

9. Psyboriginal - Divine Vision


Mastering by Sidhartha @ Audiocrafting

Distribution by Arabesque


The v.a is on its way for mastering!


With this v.a we have embarked on a different journey and a different sound. We thank everybody for the wonderful support and wishes so far and hope this v.a would please you all.


Information regarding release date, online shops, downloads etc. will be furnished soon. Keep watching this space.


Thank you

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