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Discovered and rediscovered songs in 2007

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Hi everyone!


This topic is not about the latest and greatest, but the top songs you thought was most relevant to your music listening this year.


I have to say that I discovered some CDs this year that have completely changed my way to listen to music. My biggest influences this year is compilations from vertigo records and, of course, rediscovery of old school goa.


My top list for 2007 issss:


11: Chi-A.D - Biocandy

Quite boring half of the song, but the there is a pause and it builds up and explodes! It has a great melody (probably taken from a .xm-song made by a guy here in Stockholm).


10: Tribalistic Society - Beautiful Morning

Minimalism isn't dead. This is a very nice song with a great rhythm. A great evolution of minimalism.


9: Katastrof - Jigsaw

A great track from the compilation Terror from the Depths. It has a katastrofic high tempo (like all tracks), but you get used to it and ride on the very progressive bassline.


8: Derango - Invention of Nothingness

This one has also a great progressive bassline, on a higher pitch than used to in psytrance. It progresses wonderful as Nordic trance are used to, in opposition to israelic trance. If someone can tell what they say in the sample? "Please enjoy, the pro? saga of cosmos", or?


7: James Reipas - Kashahum

James Reipas does everyone love. Their latest album has a good portion of irony (which is more common in north of Europe?). Track names like "Baltic Sea" and "We are not intelligent" speaks for it self.


6: Odd Harmonic - Intensive Hinderance

This one is quite special. It has a great rhythm and is divided into two main themes. One with the rhythm and one with an orgy in synthesizers. My favorite part is after the "Darkness will take you"-sample.


5: I Savastano - Coppertone

Wow! What a great and simple old-school goa track! It charms me alot, and is in a kind of easy listening. Which can be reliefing.


4: Osom - Boa Noite

This one is really good. Good intro, and then a great part where the whole track builds up for several minutes. It gets really intensive, the strange sample which sounds like an analog instrument is quite good. I think I like it, but I'm not sure. The ending is for everyone. Even my friends who listens to rap and stoner metal loves it.


3: Tamlin - Fjaqek

This one characterizes todays mushroom trance. It's on the compilation Schizm, and a wonderful comment on the compilations is "How much mushroom do they take in the Swedish forest?". I can totally agree. This one is amazing. It's a great montage of samples which take you on a big ride and is quite trying.


2: Metallix - Noise Reduction (Polyphonia remix)

Another amazing song. I didn't really understand it until I got an idea while listening to the last part. In pop-music there are melodies which are really easy to recognize. This tracks melody is just a synthesizer where the artist experiment with an oscillator and making waves and "knorr" (swe. curl) to the rest.


My favorite of this year is:



An incredible song! I love it, and I can't get enough of it! Without intro, just a crescending synth and then bam! a hard hitting bass. It has a great rhythm with great synthesizers to it and you just wanna dance.

Later it builds up and a quite funny sample asks you "Excuse me, do you fuck as good as you dance?". And after that the rhythm continues and explodes in crazy laser synthesizers.



Thank you


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