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Artifact303 - Feelings

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"sorry, free service is unavailable" :(

can you upload it somewhere else too, i like your music so wouldnt want to miss this one either :)?


edit: downloading it atm, will try to report back before NYE :)

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Yep, thanks to stryder I was able to listen to this as well...

Your song is one kickass nu skool track! Your style is really original, your sounds are phat and well-balanced,

the melodies are totally unique, it's like you blend European Trance elements with Goa and a lot of bleeps and things.


No wonder Suntrip gave you good comments, this is outstanding! :lol:

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Great track, man! It would probably benefit from a bit clearer mastering (especially in the middle, with those BIG pads), but otherwise it is almost perfect. I think you should try to develop the melodies even further, do not limit to the 16 or 32 bars. On the other hand people love D5 & Goasia, so I guess there's 'market' for such loop-based goa :)


Keep up the great work! :posford:

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the piece from 3:20 untill 6 minutes something is indeed unbelievable, cuts the line between regular trance and psy so well,


100% the style i'm looking for... not many have done a job so well done in the past...



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My little finger tells me some rework of it is gonna be released on the cd1 of some forthcoming compilation I've heard of :)

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This file was available for a limited period of time and has now been deleted. For more information please check our FAQ's.


Please contact the uploader and ask them to upload the file again. sendspace is not able to help you in this matter.

:( damn :(


to late?

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I listened to this track, Feelings, from the Opus Iridium Album.


All I can say that is (More than it is the best track on the album),



This is one of the best GOA tracks I've heard since 97 !!


In fact, This rivals the greatness of Etnica/pleaidians, Transwave, shakta etc.


:drama: Im truly impressed!! Continue making your beautiful music!! :posford:


I wish more people could do GREAT and CLASSIC goa like this.

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