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WHICKED HAYO - SOUNDBREAKERS @ Night Oracle Records (cd 02)

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Artist: Whicked Hayo

Title: Soundbreakers

Label: Night Oracle Records , http://www.night-oracle-records.com

Format: CD

Cat. #: NOR CD02



Track listing:


01 Whicked Hayo vs Highligh Tribe - Tribe Of The Whicked (intro)

02 Whicked Hayo - Area 07

03 Whicked Hayo - Vertel Nekeer

04 Whicked Hayo - Mol Life Extension

05 Whicked Hayo - PC Naar De Reet

06 Whicked Hayo - Please Dont Fuck With Us

07 Whicked Hayo - Tripsaus

08 Whicked Hayo - In Sickness And In Health

09 Whicked Hayo - Lets Anders



Mastered by : Shulman

Artwork by : Hai

Distribution by : Arabesque



Night Oracle Records proudly presents the debut album of the Belgian project Whicked Hayo.


After five years establishing Whicked Hayo as one of Europe's

best-loved (and sometimes most feared) night-time live acts, Dan

Firiou and Morad Bensaoud present ''SoundBreakers'' - their first album

release at Night Oracle Records. Combining solid basslines with truly bizarre samples and

their unique breakdowns that drive any dancefloor crazy, SoundBreakers has

a sound that will delight and disturb the scene all over the world.

Balancing the most insane breakdowns and positively violent drum

tracks with truly twisted humour, the ecstatic chaos of Whicked Hayo's

sound opens up a new direction in psytrance.


Based in Gent, Belgium, Dan and Morad have worked together on the

Whicked Hayo project for over five years. Appearing on numerous

compilations from Night Oracle Records (Greece) , Ketuh Records (Austria) and

many others, plus the Fullmoon Festival 2006 DVD (Circuit VIII/BNE,

Israel), their sound is well-known – yet still strangely alien – to

lovers of night-time trance sounds. They have worked with many of the

dark and tribal scene's biggest names, including Azax Syndrome, Psykovsky,

Highligh Tribe, Secret Vibes, Claw, CPC and others.


Whicked Hayo have appeared at most of Europe's leading festivals,

including Fullmoon Festival, Freaky Dragons and Transylvania Calling.

Their relentless audio rampage – bombarding the dancefloor with the

unexpected – creates an incomparable atmosphere, which has established

them firmly at the top of the Belgian dark scene, and is a hit

wherever they go.

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just played wicked hayo in a set of mine last weekend...and got a really good crowd response as always....

very much looking forward to hearing this album!


hope all is well in belgium with the hayo & hope all is well with you in greece stefano!

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