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full length psy-dnb album


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i like it, couldnt wait for dnb part to kick in after long and trippy intro B)! ...and some jerico drama to it :drama:


telemundo - nice and trippy intro, probably best listened when on something for i can only imagine that it potentially could trash some minds when high, never been tho, so cant say 100% for sure, but thats how id like to hear it some day :D


siren - voice at beginning seems to be quite lost among other sounds to me :unsure::) the rest is nice with that calm and trippy break again, gives nice feelings and mind wandering :D


seapod - nice chilled dnb tune, that part after vocal sample seemed bit bold and linear to me until little bit of bass kick got back into it and then starts to fade and change again :) but thats only after first listen, im writing my thoughts on each track here as i listen to them, for the first time ;)


circulism - first part sounds like some other psy chill ive heard somewhere before, dont remember any examples tho, bit of tip, but they were supposedly among first ones in psy scene :P


youth colony - starts with chill with little synth pop taste somewhere? not an expert to define but sounds nice. that synth that comes during track on top of everything sounds ok, but imo it could have been blended better into the whole track to make one whole, rounding its [synths] edges, dont get me wrong, its not not like its not fitting in imo, but its like it isnt "melted" with the rest of things going on at the same moment, thus losing imo some part of its organi****[dont know the correct way to spell organic+isness/icity or some other ending :D]. but then again, i could be wrong, im listening to it for the first time so everything can change :P further on it gets better. when those kicks start its pretty distorted, dont know if its your intention :D quite chaotic imo. then comes outro or intro for ouroboros dance pt1, its better :P


ouroboros dance pt1 - some overall cracy tune, i sort of like it and its variations :-) :P


new cell - the longest one, right? nice and trippy. i get confused here, since i dont know now which track where ends and thus which ones ive reviewed :lol: anyway, overall interesting release, keep up the good work how people say and im sure youll get your music heard by more people ;)



some non-chav dnb :P thanks :-)!

well done intros for tracks, or outros, dont know which they are exactly :P


PS: not sure how accurate are tracks listed by me, since i listened to whole album as one big mp3 file, thus might have perhaps messed up with their names since i dont know where one ends and other starts, tried to listen to previews on your web page to know which is which tho :P

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I really like the parts with music/melody. Don't get the 'noise' parts at all, I probably wouldn't buy this album just judging by first 5 minutes.

I'll give it another spin, so far not enough 'musicality' for me. This does have potential, I do like the dnb/goaish mix.

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Thank you Reger for that in-depth review it's very, very helpful.


And Nexus, thank you too. I am going to go through the whole thing again and i think i'll probably take out alot of the ambient stuff and replace it with more beats.


Thank you! The feedback is really helping, I would certainly love some more if anyone else is willing.

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I remixed the album with two new tracks to replace the confusing ambient parts. One is tribal/middle eastern influenced dnb that transforms into some fast 4/4 psy, the other is a bass heavy dub/downtempo track.


It's also mastered now.


Uploaded it in 160kbps format instead of 128kbps this time.


So here you go:




Feedback has definitely helped, thank you all very much.

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I havent listened to the new version yet but really liked the old one. Did you get rid of all the ambient stuff? I agree with the others that it was a bit too excessive (ie a bit too much of it) but i really like your idea of creating a post-apocalyptic world in the music, and the ambient worked well for this. Its quite cool as well, listening to the ambience and then suddenly getting blasted by the crazy beats, that's an effect i think you definately don't want to lose. Maybe you could experiment a bit more with ambient drone/industrial music to put in the ambience, these can be VERY post apocalyptic and also very (rather frighteningly) psychedelic. In order to make the ambient bits more listenable you could also throw in other stuff, like fragmented beats occasionally coming inand then darting away here and there; build up the ambience so it feels like somthing's going to happen, but then bring it back down again etc. you know just to keep the listener on their toes a bit ;)

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