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Following the good reception of the recent Vox live @ Radio Schizoid, the past month, and the warm mails we received from many listeners after this event, we got the idea to produce a regular radio show of our initiative, in order to give a bigger impulse and promotion to the goa-trance music & scene across the world.


It will be a one hour weekly show which will consists in two kinds of events:


_one hour mix by our djs with goa-trance tracks from our label (released, unreleased, previews of future albums & exclusive radio versions) ; but not only: there will be also tracks from other new school labels, and mixed sometimes with some old school goa tunes from the so-called “Golden Era” (between 1995-2000).




_one hour live/dj set performed by our artists and by special guest artists from other labels with their own tracks with or without other artists tracks. For the persons who can’t do the travel to see live acts in other countries, it will be a great opportunity there to get a small foretaste of the musical work of the artists and to discover some of their new material via your internet connection at home.


The same show will be diffused in many online radios to get a larger crowd and reception. Until now, we agreed in terms with Radioreal (Hungary), Radio Schizoid (India), Radio Powernet (Bulgaria) & Radio Flydance (France). We are in negotiation with radios from other countries (UK, Germany, Greece, USA, Canada, Israël and more…), to get a larger diffusion and audience.


A calendar with a precise schedule of the weekly events is actually in work and will appear soon on our website (www.metapsychicrecords). So you can have a look who will perform every week, at which hour and on which among the online radios you can stream the show.


We would like especially to thank all the radios involved in this project for their partnership, friendship and full support and also to the future artists & djs who will take part of this project. :)


Respectfully Yourz,

Metapsychic Rec.

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