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After 10 years... I finally know what is the best goa track ever! :)


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yeah, now i heared Vitan, i can see what you mean anoeb, it gently lies in between all facets of goa trance, but it stays on the murky and gloomy side for me, in my honest opinion it lacks drive and good melods, but i'm a hyperactive freak as well so... :P


i'd say the best in goa would be


Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization






what about this one......... ?

it kinda owns just about everything in goa/psy I've heard

completely awesome, wicked, insane track, with tremendous drive and melodies, although it took some time to get into it.....just my opinion of course


didn't like Vitan, but I can somehow see why you like it dance4.gif


yeah, it's cool, very psychedelic sounds and brain-melting, but the melods destroy the continuity of the track, which is one of the main aspects in trance

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Ok... it's very untipical for me to start such a topic... but I know it for sure now... After 10 years of goa listening I had many favourites... Many of them faded away, also many of them are still good when I hear them now... but only 1 track managed to give me goosebumps over and over and over again... Even after year and years and years... So oficially I know have thé ultimate favourite goa track, and that is:


N.D.M.A. - Vitan!


Wait. I've never heard this one! Now I really want to hear it. Aneobis has very good taste in music.




Some of my all time most [TOP] favorite Goa tracks ever are:



- Astral Projection - Kabalah


- Astral Projection - Liquid Sun (beautiful sunrise song)


- Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity, Black Light, Liquid Neon Sky


- Pleiadians - (All of I.F.O. especially Maia and Asterope, excluding Celeano),


- Pleiadians - Vimana (This is an underrated masterpiece)


- Pleiadians - (from the F.O.L. album) Headspin, Modulation, Meter


- Technossomy - V.T.O.L. (Another underrated masterpiece)

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Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity

F'ing aye!


What other artists can you look out for that develops good trance/goa like that and Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing?


EDIT: Alot of CDs to listen to at the moment but started on California Sunshine, nice trancey style too. Love it.

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I think I know why Aneobis likes this track so much. It's magical sounding. More so for its time and for those who heard it back then and listen to it today, only to have those old feelings and memories triggered again. Magical someoneo said. I think there's something very uplifting and emotive about the melody work. You'd never know it based on the first several minutes.


The song is so old and rare, ethnic, melodic. It's an old-school Goa-Trance song which initially sounds more Trance than Goa until a certain sound takes place, followed by the evolution of where the song goes. I really like the second half of this song, especially the end. I like how it builds and the melody work.


The song is so simple unlike what we'd later came to expect from Goa-Trance. I think this thing was made around 1994 or 1995, and released around 1996. So sure, songs like this one would be eventually blown away from all the stylish, intricate production/creative/technical work that would soon arrive.It's quite lengthy too, at just over 10.00. I even had to delete some porn to make room for it. *Oops!* I didn't say that.



I like the transpose at 08:21 it gives it a very euphoric ending.

Yes. And I really like what begins at 5:50 and how it pushes into drive at 6:03. Ahhh so simple yet the sound they use and how the artists altered the melody here is pretty awesome. Even by todays standards. It's catchy!! :)

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I have heard it at least 10 to 20 times since this thread opened and I became aware and obtained it. This is an incredible, tasty and driving, infectious, at times climactic and eventually bubbly dance number. It's awesome. I love it!!


The song starts off slow, it's pretty good, nothing spectacular for the first two minutes.


The part from 2:58 - 4:19 is great.


From 4:21 things get even better


Then something happens at 4:48... it grows, the deep sound rising..


5:02 is Omg ... into 5:51.. OMG... The part at 6:04 forward... I love it, I LOVE IT!!!!!

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I hope we can mention anything older than ten years, since Hallucinogen's Twisted album slips the decade. I now prefer Solstice from that cd, but I think that Shamanix is more representative of that age. Also


Man With no Name - Teleport

Transwave - Land of Freedom

Pleiadians - Head Spin

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agree on AP - Kabbalah and Pleiadians -Maia

i wud add Bill Cosmosis - Howling at the Monn and Seb Shakta - Between the Nothing

and also UX - mASTER OF uNIVERSE

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I finally listen to this track.


It's great, but IMO not even close to me to call it one of the best Goa tracks ever.

It has a very simple structure and the melodies although very uplifting are not something we haven't heard before.

9/10 from me.


edit: BTW If anyone is interested in a track with uplifting euphoric and nostalgic melodies, go listen to The Muses Rapt-The Fool. It's even better!

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Somtimes after listening to this track I feel that this is the one. The approach here is completely different, over the course of 21 minutes the melodies and rhythms slowly wash over you, carrying you away on some sort of infinite voyage....


Paradise Connection - Source of Emotion

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Pretty old topic :D Didn't know about "Vitan".. found it on Pulse 2. It's kinda awesome :posford:


Edit: My favorite goa track of all time would have to be either Etnica - Plastic / Starship 101 / Party Droid or Technossomy - V.T.O.L.

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i finally know mine as well: shakta & moonweed - micronesia. ftw.

absolutely! also my all time favourite.


vitan is also very close to the top (listened to 3 times when/after reading this thread :) ), along with a lot of D5 and other tracks people have mentioned in the thread.


i really don't get V.T.O.L however...

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Nice! :posford: Vitan, I do like this track.


I've recently become enamored with Slinky Wizard - Supernatural.

I know its probably more psy than goa.

Wow, thanks for that one, I would have never found it myself. Its goa all right, but more like hard acid goa.
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