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Goasia - From Other Spaces (SUNCD09)

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The cover looks marvelous, IMO hundreds of times better than the bland minimal and trendy covers that mainstream psy is adopting, covers about as inspired as their music..


Its a great eye-catching cover and goes well with goasia's music, I like it - but like Anoebis prefer the natural inspired covers - anyone realize the fractals that made Filteria's album covers is coral reef??

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Guest Amnesia

i have listen to the samples and i can only say WOW this albums is magic no word for it

speciel the track sunrise gets me melting and get in love =D


great work anoebis & mars :) gona support you with this cd

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6 Liquid Soul 08:04 (2 minutes shot sample)


Remind me a lot of "astral projection - enlightened evolution" in the beggining, especialy between 8-10th second heheh and at the end of chi-ad - animatrix at around 1:40 :)


Not bad, ha ? :)

Do you also feel it ?

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That album is a little bomb, a crossbreed between Goa and PsyTrance with a big "G", "P" and "T" to me.

I'm anxious to get my copy :)

Thanx again Suntrip for releasing what you like guided by your heart, not by anything else...That's the point in life I think



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  • 2 weeks later...

yihaa! It's released :) today they arrived at my home and at psyshop as well it seems :) soon the other shops will follow of course :)


Anyway, here is our official sheet about this release! :)


Hello everybody!


I hope you all had a great summer... And well, even though the summer is over, we are sure to continue with sunny music! :)

Because of that we present you our 8th Suntrip cd that was released... Today! :)

Goasia - From Other spaces!


Goasia is one of the new stars in the old/new school goa trance scene :) We can describe his style as goa trance with up to date production but with but with the complexity, melodies and spirituality of old-style Goa music. Music for DJ's that want to give the dancefloor a big smile!

Most of the tracks are tsunamis on de dancefloor although Sunrise can be described as an epic Platipus-like trance anthem and Pray for Rain is an ambient beauty.


Posted Image


For samples, and all details... have a look at:



In case this all sounds like perfect music for your ears, please support the artist and the label... :) it's available at very fair prices at:

our own homepage (where you can still get our older releases)












and your other usual shops as well of course :)


Then... What else brings the future!? :) We are now compiling a new compilation called "Opus Iridium" which will be our 10th cd, and because of that it will be something special! :) It will be a double cd with 1 trance and 1 ambient side and also it will have an extra big booklet! Also expect some surprises name-wise... :)


For booking our artists, promos, contact on any way...





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Goasia new album...


totally great samples...well done for a GREAT JOB!!!


for sure u know how to bring the GOA VIBES...


from israel, i wish you good luck and ALL BEST TO GOASIA...


thanks for your album...and big respect...


AFGIN/suntrip records

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Thanx for kind words , i hope so you will enjoy in Goasia sound .

.. but without audience , without Suntrip Records and support of other goa artists , we cant release this album ...

so it is our common project ,for keeping that genre in live .....

good listening and thanx again

with respect


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