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tracks without a dull moment


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procs - tropical treasure

juno reactor - god is god

logic bomb - kilobyte bandit

texas faggot - back to mad

infected mushroom - psycho

cosma - find out

hux flux - idiot

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Loud - Some Kind of Creativity (album)



Are you shure you aint related to loud somehow :P

not that its not a good album but i see you mention it everywhere :D

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Blue Planet Corporation - Xoco


Fractal Glider - Things That Go Bump in The Night


Human Blue - Breaking Limits


Infected Mushroom - Bust-A-Move


Planum - Elaborate (well, mostly)


The Green Nuns of The Revolution - Thunder Thighs


The Misted Muppet - From The Legend (again, almost whole album)


And many many more.

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Guest The Journey Man Project

I'd say almost all track s on Trishula record... alot of dark psy for me is exciting because ithas heapds of changes and the good stuff, which Trishula seems to be apt at getting their hands on... reminds me alot of the really spooky style of psy around 1997-1999 (e.g Tantrance vol.6) with a harder kick...

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pretty cool that God is God is on this list- love that track, but i would have thought it not quite in the genre, or outdated.


figured one out-

Absolum - No Rush. the only time it slows down , you really need a rest by then


also, many other absolum tracks, as well as a good portion of the rest of 3dvision stuff

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