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Psynews server dying, migration in progress


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I already told you the server has shown some instabilities since I upgraded it back in march.

Skytrancer has been hosting the machine after I left Paris and I couldn't take care of it properly.


In august I met Manu Psysurfeur http://psysurfeur.com/ and he agreed to host psynews on his own server, a proessional one. I hadn't had the time to take care of it since one month.


This week the server is rebooting quite often, showing even more signs or imminent death. I'm starting to migrate it tonight.

- I will do as much as possible without preventing you from posting.

- At some point, posting will be disabled. You will still be able to read the forums. At that time, I'll be making the database backup and transfering the files to the new server.

- Then the service will be cut, the time for the DNS servers worldwide to resynchronize "psynews.org" to the new server IP address.

- And it'll be done.


thanks for your comprehension.


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Ah the migration couldn't start yesterday for several reasons, it will happen tonight and tomorrow. It's urgent since we got 3 more reboots in these last 24 hours. The server logs show nothing, this is probably a major failure (memory or network card).


Between the oment i'll copy the files from this server to the other and the moment the switch will be effective, all changes to the filesystem here will be lost. So please try not to update your avatar this week end.

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It's in progress.

Files are being copied, all being backupped.

I hope to move the site this night, so it's available to the public on the new location from tomorrow morning.

I'll move the stats, the ftp, and all the rest nobody knows it exists in the following days.

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All right, tonight (sept 25th CET) I'm stutting down the server for the migration.


The bad newsis the the site may be offline for a couple of days. Actually the current server is so unstable that it can't stay up much longer and the person hosting it is fed up of this situation.


Please be patient it'll be up again between tomorrow and friday.


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damn i was hoping it would stay down just a little longer :ph34r:


































j/k :wank:

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