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Peace and best wishes for an amazing summer of 2007. This year we have a fresh new festival coming our way!


Introducing the Happy Festival , which will take place for 3 days and nights near the city of Denia in the province of Valencia, Spain. This exiting alternative cultural electronic music festival will sprout a spirit of joy, play and happiness. A place where international gathering of friends and kindred minded people can enjoy to a rich backdrop of a wide variety of activities.


Happy festival is a creation of Spun Records & Katarsis with a long list of collaborating labels and groups like Solstice Music, madhatter & Hadra and many more.


With the best new dance music from Ibiza and other parts of the cutting edge global dance culture to ensure a fabulous high energy experience. The line up is an endless list of traditional festival headliners and all time stars that will put a sunrise on your face and your body in motion.


A wide variety of artists spread over 4 blasting sound systems of highest caliber to rock our souls to the bone with a total of 280,000 Watts of power that will give everyone the right kind of music and lots of it. From Happy trance to dark Psy or some ambient to chill everyone out, we will be saturated and blessed with quality & quantity of sublime live acts and DJ sets.


You will be spoiled with fine decoration and superb visuals to enhance our euphoric states of pleasure.


To make everyone very happy there will many attractions ranging from Theatre and Circus shows to arts and crafts markets. Also there will be Make-up classes led by professionals, juggling, nature cooking, Digitopuntura, Reiki sessions, Meditation, Diksha, Yoga events, body painting and other fantastic surprises. For kids and our inner children there will be a pool of balls, slides and a funny labyrinth to explore.


Happy festival is complete with a secure beautiful environment, a day care center, medical staff, recycling program, free camping and free water. A rich food area with a diversity of gastronomic delights including vegetarian, energetic and macrobiotic is also catered for.


In short there will be all the things to make you and your little ones truly happy!





ג€¢ Aum Project (Muskaria)

ג€¢ Bitkit (kairoo records)

ג€¢ Bushman (spunrec)

ג€¢ Brainfood Soundsystem

ג€¢ Combination (full moon 2007)

ג€¢ D.N.I (Moonsunrec/Katarsis)

ג€¢ Dr.Hoffman ( SICK Records)

ג€¢ ELEA (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza)

ג€¢ Earthling (spunrec)

ג€¢ Ephedrix (Dacru Recrods)

ג€¢ Fraktophon (kairoo records)

ג€¢ Father & Son (spunrec)

ג€¢ G.M.S. (spunrec)

ג€¢ Highlight tribe (TBC)

ג€¢ Hypnochock (Sindar)

ג€¢ I-Drop(Skykey/Dooflex rec)

ג€¢ ITP ((Phonokol))

ג€¢ Lamila (kairoo records)

ג€¢ Liftshift

ג€¢ Lisergia (Ravespirit)

ג€¢ Magnasonic (spunrec)

ג€¢ Michele Adamson (spunrec)

ג€¢ NoCTuRNa (PsyQu4RK Rec/Ibiza)

ג€¢ Oblix Project (Dream Factory )

ג€¢ Phazur (psylence)

ג€¢ Perplex (spunrec)

ג€¢ Pinkadelic

ג€¢ Poli (spunrec)

ג€¢ Quantica (Furthur)(TBC)

ג€¢ Sienis

ג€¢ Shanti Matkin (spunrec) (TBC)

ג€¢ Spyge H + Intigra

ג€¢ Soma (spunrec)

ג€¢ Soundaholix (spunrec)

ג€¢ Syncopa (cytizin-zone records)

ג€¢ Wicked hayo ( (Rackhti Dei, Tribal Gathering)

ג€¢ Xtazyaa (xtazyaa)

ג€¢ Zexadelik (Psykomaniak)

ג€¢ Zorba (spunrec)..........and more happy friends





ג€¢ Akra (Kantala sound)

ג€¢ Alexis (Tzolkin)

ג€¢ Amour & Pablo (Ibiza)

ג€¢ AroA vs Od_nan (Ravespirit)

ג€¢ Bansi (spunrec)ג€¢ Bansi (spunrec)

ג€¢ Back to Mars(Cytopia Rec)

ג€¢ Binin (Space Tepee Music/Paris)

ג€¢ Biofa (Namaste project)

ג€¢ Bushman (spunrec)

ג€¢ Celli (spunrec)

ג€¢ Dimitri DKN (spunrec)

ג€¢ Driss (hadra)

ג€¢ Dustin (Ibidelyc)

ג€¢ Firaga & norion (B2B)

ג€¢ Fekes (Ibidelyc)

ג€¢ Gabino (Katarsis)

ג€¢ Govinda (spunrec)(TBC)

ג€¢ Greg (Mandala Rec)

ג€¢ Guille (DreamsFactory/Barcelona)

ג€¢ Hands vs Nanuk (Muskaria)

ג€¢ Hypnotizer (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza)

ג€¢ In Lak'ech (Out of Time People)

ג€¢ Jibaro (Phantasm records)

ג€¢ Kairon (Kairoo Rec)

ג€¢ Kaesar (Open Up Rec)

ג€¢ Kick_e (No psy-lence)

ג€¢ Kechu (spunrec)

ג€¢ Levin (spunrec)

ג€¢ Levka (Kantala sound)

ג€¢ Mielech (katarsis)

ג€¢ Neuromotor vs electrocult ג€¢ ..(mechanik-rec,medusa-rec)

ג€¢ Numa (Katarsis)

ג€¢ Nut (No psy-lence)

ג€¢ Noldor (Trikomadelik)

ג€¢ Nyimo (spunrec)

ג€¢ Obit (Cosmic wizards)

ג€¢ Phara (Le Tone s.s/ Open Up Rec)

ג€¢ Pim (DreamFactory)

ג€¢ PSYNAP6 (PsyQu4RK Rec/Ibiza)

ג€¢ Psyleno (G.S.G )

ג€¢ Psy-totix(cosmic wizards)

ג€¢ Poli (spunrec)ג€¢ Poli (spunrec)

ג€¢ Ramses + electric lord(Madhatter)ג€¢ Ramses + electric lord(Madhatter)

ג€¢ Respektolandia

ג€¢ Riktam (spunrec)

ג€¢ Rob (BooM! Records)

ג€¢ Roddy Alien(G.S.G/Katarsis)

ג€¢ RUHL(Sinergia)

ג€¢ Seph (Open Up Rec)

ג€¢ Shanti Matkin (spunrec)

ג€¢ Shin Shan (Mida reocrds)

ג€¢ Soma (spunrec)

ג€¢ Spiritual Light (Katarsis/ibiza)

ג€¢ Strophoria (Unio mystica)

ג€¢ SWANN (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza)

ג€¢ Trang (Dream Factory)

ג€¢ Triptaman (Humanoids on process)

ג€¢ Torry (spunrec)

ג€¢ URI (psypacs/L.P.D.B )

ג€¢ Xp (spunrec)

ג€¢ Yasser (spunrec)(TBC)

ג€¢ Zuriland (Trikomadelik) ...and more happy friends






ג€¢ Inkaloko (Katarsis)

ג€¢ CampAttack (NL)

ג€¢ Taber (spunrec)

ג€¢ Videoverdose (Katarsis)

ג€¢ wayan blue (spunrec)

ג€¢ Yaloves (Katarsis)






ג€¢ DreamFactory & Bioman

ג€¢ Bjֳ¶rn diffus

ג€¢ Katarsis

ג€¢ Zola (ibiza)



Work shops



ג€¢ Maquillaje

ג€¢ Reiki

ג€¢ Yoga

ג€¢ Danza

ג€¢ Chiatzu

ג€¢ Reciclaje

ג€¢ Meditacion

ג€¢ Malabares

ג€¢ Percusion y mas sorpresas






ג€¢ Circodelika

ג€¢ Duo Malabares





ג€¢ pronto mas info




ג€¢ Doramas Percusion

ג€¢ Isaac Maine






Powered by Spun, Katarsis, Madhatter, Solstice,Hadra and many more..


*p.s - glad to be apart of this amazing festival

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