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Brasil and Rio De Janeiro Carnival


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hey folks


I think I am about to head to Brasil in February - for the carnival - and I think I understood that is like 5 or 7 days with a friend of mine...

Have 15-20 days to wander about including the carnival


I am not sure to be honest whether the carnival is good thing to spent time for partying and have fun....girls and that stuff

As am ex psy trance head, and definitely in love with the electronic music I welcome you folks to help me and provide some valuable tips, websites where I can check and get info about scheduled parties in Brazil, specially somewhere near Rio...open-air, beaches and etc...

I still remember back 4-5 years ago, something I read in an interview with Anti (Spiral Trax) - great party on a beach in brazil...for some 5-6h or more hours...all dancing in the night and in the morning, girls looking great, tangas all over the place, nice warm and smiled people...

Not that I have not been part of and experienced such parties, but I havent been there (=Brasil)...


Accomodation is very important thing...while we dont need much - we just need clean, decent good bed to sleep and have shower, thats all;


just travelling is also a must option...to visit and see things, for a bit, something to chill to...


lets discuss and folks please do give your advise and lets see what it turns out of this...



cheers folks




appreciated :)

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