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The Peaking Goddess Collective "ORGANIKA"

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Greetings Peakers of the World!!!!


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PEAK RECORDS is proud & happy to present “ORGANIKA”, the long-awaited full-length debut album of Swiss live chill/trance project, THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE.


“ORGANIKA” is an eclectic album that experiments with various musical styles. Masterfully fusing acoustic instruments and electronic devices, it features collaborative works with talented artists, a live jam with Peak’s resident poet Tanina Munchkina and original poetry by visionary artist Alex Grey!


The “ORGANIKA” journey contains eight beautiful, mind-expanding, musically complex tunes. From the down-tempo docks to the proggy peaks, these handcrafted, psychonaut-friendly musical pieces will stir souls and become lifelong companions.


Whether its down-tempo, funky or ethno-prog… it’s definitely psychedelic!





1. Hyperspace

2. Love & Peak

3. Star Peace

4. Secret Fire

5. Rolling

6. Ishtar

7. Being Transformation – feat. Alex Grey

8. Arcana (Live Jam) – feat. Tanina Munchkina


Release Date: 17 August 2007

Previews up there http://tinyurl.com/2luhnd





Artwork & Design by AJJA & TANINA MUNCHKINA


Distributed by ARABESQUE, UK – http://www.arabesque.co.uk

Digital Distribution by INGROOVES – http://www.ingrooves.com


Available at the usual outlets online and your local shop!


Wishing you a wonderful summer, wherever you are!!!

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Just saw this on MAster Magharitas myspace site and on your home-page... and now here (wanting to post the same news :lol:) well no need to then!


I will be looking forward to see what u have got in store for us... I have liked the previous chill stuff released from Peak very much (espacially Flooting Grooves very good!) so why not this one, good luck!

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Oh, it's EXTREMELY psychedelic. I would say pychedelia is its sole and driving purpose!


You can download it from emusic.com as well as probably other places.


(GREAT service by the way where you get a pile of free tracks just for trying it, and you get a pile more each month with your monthly service fee... like now I am getting 75 track/month for $25.00. THere are a surprisingly huge number of things from known to avant garde to obscure available on it that I want. But the great thing is you can download them as many times as you want once you do so once, whenever whereever... I have even "shared" the account, giving a friend or two my un/pw so they can download all the mp3s they want out of my "previously downloaded" list. I don't think it even checks if you are logged in twice from different locations.)


ANYWAY - this record is WILDLY psychedelic, and quite hypnotic, beautiful, and uplifting. "Great", actually I would have to say.


I can definitely recommend it.

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