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New Haldoliúm album :(


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Oh people, Im truly shocked.........

I just listened to the new Haldolium album QNT......

To fully express my disgust I have to rewind a little bit, please bare with me.


When I heard Deagua for the first time in 1999 it became an instant classic for me. Through some twist of fate my girlfriends friend was good mates with a friend of Mario and we always had the newest stories about them etc. and I even trodded along to Marios birthday in some barn in Langenhorn (Northern Germany)......so I always wished these guys well. I also loved H20, a great follow up, better production.

Then apparantly they fucked off to Ibiza for an extended period of time and everything turned to shit from there......what the hell happened? I have this theory.......Ibiza is evil........it turns every decent artist who ventures there into a psywhore. Look at GMS!


I listened to Be Real like 3 times in total, it made me cringe. So now I was curious to see what the new album would bring. Curiousity killed the cat......well almost, right now I wish it had :(

What a turd of an album...I mean, my expectations were low.....but wtf is that???

Those vocals are just plain disgusting....revolting, it makes me physically sick. Especially "It took me red". Im sorry, but thats just bottom of the barrel......I mean the only place you could play this would be the seediest gay club anywhere, and even there it would be considered too gay.

It seems like all progressive trance is going down the gutter......oh well, it has been since around 2001 so I dont care, its just I didnt think it would get this bad, with all decent artists going in some totally wayward direction. Why the hell do these people even get booked for festivals like fullmoon.....

And if this is the way evolution is going I pray for some some sweeping genetic disfunction in the dna of the genre we broadly name psy.




a)This is not trying to be review, I didnt buy this peace of crap.......I am just voicing my horror

b)Dont go to Ibiza, we have seen where that leads

C)Apparantly Haldolium stems from Haldol, a medicine designed to combat schizophrenia. I think the d00ds should take a big dose of just that and let it be.

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yes, yes ... the new album from them is quite controversial to their usual concept...


heard some samples myself and well ... apparently they just wanted to shovel some money from it by using the name Haldolium...

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So since you hated "Be real" & now REALLY hate the new album,

if I loved "Be Real", would you think I would REALLY love "QNT" ???



I thought the same thing :)


let´s see.... I will wait for to hear them live in 2 weeks and not hear the album before

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Not surprised that it could turn out bad and have vocals, but sadly this is even worse than I personally expected. They always did a great job on the vocals on Emou though - bring us more Emou-goodness! :)

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it sure is very different from the usual stuff :unsure: maybe if i not have Haldolium in mind when i listen to it i will like it more.

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