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ASTROSCHNAUTZER - The debut [Space Boogie Productions]


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Artist: Astroschnautzer

Title: The Debut

Label: Space Boogie Productions

Format: Digipack CD

Release: 31.05.2007

Catalog: sbcd003





2.Love juice

3.Neural shaman clip

4.Trio eclyptic yodlerclip

5.Gaia maaclip

6.Sniff my schnautzer

7.Nexxus plexxusclip

8.Gnome warperclip

9.Einstyrgende schnautzer burger

10.Tyrannosaurus flex


Pay attention. What Space Boogie are doing could prove to be the most important thing to happen to psychedelic trance this year. Their first release, Funland Boogie Files, showed that Suomi’s offspring can be as danceable as it is psychedelic. Then Vishnudata’s staggering debut album, one of the best releases of the year, proved that you can be funky, hectic, sexy and lysergic all at the same time.


Astroschnautzer has thunk, funk, melody, and plain ol’ fashioned Goan madness. The music shifts and slides underneath you, then ties itself back together: and the energy that floods out when this happens is nothing short of incredible.


Kassitarma is one of the strongest, most characteristic and most credible anthems I’ve heard in years. Soaring Indian-ish females vocals (don’t worry, there’s no lyrics) are masterfully layered to create a sound that’s got the sort of Eastern-attraction that we all thought we’d never hear again, coupled with a shitkicking energy and production to die for. It really is that good: just when you’re thinking the vox is too cheesy, the music flicks direction and you’re drawn back in.


And it lasts. I first found Astroschautzer’s Myspace months ago, and for a while I was listening to this track daily. It hasn’t got old yet.


Love Juice combines scratchy sounds with a friendly bass, minimal vocals that give way to delicious acid, and samples that are fresh, funny and well-placed. Neural Shaman is literally dripping with extract of pineal gland: a shifting bottomend in flux, oldskool pads, wide-eyed Anjuna riffs… I honestly thought I’d never hear anything like this again. Neural Shaman moves, and affects you, a lot like Hallucinogen’s Shamanix.


Is Cosmosis’ recent album disappointed you as much as it disappointed me, Trio Eclyptic Vodler sets the record straight. This isn’t so much what Cosmosis was trying to do with Psychedelia Melodica - it’s what he’s been trying to do for ten years. Kaleidoscopic runs, melodies that are organic and utterly absorbing, music that really makes you feel like you’re standing a few extra inches off the ground.


The female vocals get a thundering reprise with Gaia Maa: fuck what everyone says about Crazy Ducks, this is morning madness. The best bits of Suomi (changes, good noises, funk) are brought back under the Gazebo Of Goa™ and the weird-for-the-sake-of-it pissabout is left outside.


Sniff My Schnautzer has a real wide-eyed madness to it. An awkward, wobbly intro grabs a couple of rays of sunshine and escalates perfectly before going full tilt with a simple, otherworldly melody that gets the hairs on the back of your neck tickling the fringes of the cosmos.


Nexxus Plexxus sounds like sunshine having a war with pestilence. It flits between melodic and mental-psychedelic, with one of the most intriguing track progressions I’ve heard in quite some time. Meanwhile Gnome Warper is epic psytrance through a Treehouse Of Horror filter, and Einstyrgende Shcnautzer Burger is true-blue psychedelia at its delirious messiest.


Finally, Tyrannosaurus Flex closes the album in staggering style. It starts out almost progressive, then becomes this wonderful interstellar magic carpet that you can’t help but grab onto for a ride. The array of sounds, themes and changes here is nothing short of delightful. Yes, it sounds like videogame music from time to time, but it’s psychedelic – and progressive – in the psychedelic/prog rock senses of the word.


This is very intense music. Not intense in an Acidance way, not intense in a techno way, and definitely not intense in a Skazi way. This is music that hits you on many different levels, and hits you so hard you can feel it. Likewise, the progression of the tracks is interesting. From their starting point, they escalate and change and take you places – but at the end, there’s no set-down, no return to normality. It’s just straight off into the next track’s launchpad. Listening to the whole album start to finish would be a bit of a task, if it wasn’t so much darn fun.


I fucking love this. It’s got plenty of everything. There are sounds and emotions I thought were long gone. It makes me want to move to Goa, grow dreadlocks, paint my toenails in fluoro colours and generally be shanti; but in a postmodern way.


Some acts out there are deliberately retreading old Goa paths – but Astroschautzer is using the old ingredients to go new places. Read that again: like I said, this is important. Pay attention


Review by Damion, www.psyreviews.net





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Astro is also making music as Thutankamon 5000, for more twisted and primal sounds. The same quality is still there though, keep an ear out for it, it's good stuff.


Actually it's TUTANKHAMON 9000. Album is out this year, stay tuned!


www.myspace.com/tutankhamon 9000

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I don't get the idea of having 2 previously released tracks on this album.

The question could also be: Why would a label want to have a track on their compilation that is anyway gonna be released on an album...that is what it is about, you can think it as a single like in the pop music industry if you like, or a long clip for the album or two bonus tracks (the album is 75 minutes long) or actually whatever comes to your mind :)



Here you can download old astroschnautzer tracks for free :






And here you can dowloadload tracks from former astroschnautzer member slarbababa (he also works in tutankhamon9000 and bechamel boyz ):







And astroschnautzer projects in myspace:





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Yai, it's out! The Astroes have long been one of my favourite Finnish artists, gotta check this out definitely :)


Based on the old tracks moving around in the net, and the live shows I've seen, I would recommend this very much to people who're into the more dry, crunchy british sound of the old like Psychaos, Technossomy etc. And the best thing is, it's not just a manneristic new go at goa like most of the new music people call "goa" influenced these days...

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