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A daydream is a fantasy that a person has while awake, often about spontaneous and fanciful thoughts not connected to the person's immediate situation. While daydreams may include fantasies about future scenarios or plans, reminiscences about past experiences, or vivid dream-like images, they are often connected with some type of emotion.


Caffix Records proudly presents their debut CD entitled "Daydream". Based in México, Caffix Records mission is spreading positive, uplifting and also the darkest tunes around the globe. We invite you to daydream with us and to elevate your vibration while we get closer to a new change...2013




Daydreaming may take the form of a train of thought, leading the daydreamer away from being aware of his immediate surroundings, and concentrating more and more on these new directions of thought. To an observer, they may appear to be affecting a blank stare into the distance, and only a sudden stimulus will startle the daydreamer out of their reverie.


V/A - Daydream (CARCD-001)


1.- Igunn - In Off Time [intro](136 bpm)

2.- Duendo Matka - Cambiando (143 bpm)

3.- Toxical - Weird Dreams (145 bpm)

4.- Creatrix - 2.C.B (145 bpm)

5.- Alien K vs Nahual Maya - El Kinto Sol (145 bpm)

6.- Vectro Electro - Fata Mandata (148 bpm)

7.- Extazya - Bad Trip (150 bpm)

8.- Shadai - Acid Test (150 bpm)

9.- Kundalini Project - Mind In Fire (150 bpm)

10.- Blisargon Demogorgon - Chilni Be Malku (154 bpm)


Official promo sheet: http://www.caffix.org.mx/CR/promo_daydream2.html


Artist: Various

Title: Daydream

Label: Caffix Records

Format: CD

Genre: Progressive Trance, Suomi Saundi, Full On Psytrance, Twilight Trance, Dark Psytrance

Cat No: CARCD-001

Release: July 25th 2007

Masterize by: Leyenda Producciones

Compiled & Designed by: Báalam


P&C Caffix Records 2007

All rights of the owner and the produced work are reserved




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