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EP - Audiopathik - Necrophilia (DARKEP009) 2007


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EP - Audiopathik - Necrophilia (DARKEP009) 2007


Artist: Audiopathik


Name: Necrophilia

Label: D-A-R-K RecordsGenre: Dark Psytrance

Date: February 2007

Format: FLAC (wav)

Length: 23:03

Webshop: www.d-a-r-k.net

Website: www.dark-records.com


Cover art


Posted Image



Posted Image




01-Audiopathik - Necrophilia...(7:42)

02-Audiopathik - Audiopathosis...(7:29)

03-Audiopathik - Agramon...(7:52)





01-Audiopathik - Necrophilia...(7:42)


Gongs in the midnight, spookey atmosphere and then a short guitar riff kicks, which ends up with a news being read about cannibalism and Necrophilia.... Blasts with a punchy rolling bassline tormenting into some trippy night journey, good percussion track gets denser ahead with crazy leads coming in from all directions, screams coming in each way and screeching and stuttering breaks make me feel about way much overuse of glitch.This track doesn;t live upto my expectations. Pretty much formulaic one.Very mad at how these days psychedlia mutates to industrial...


02-Audiopathik - Audiopathosis...(7:29)


Intro goes with some scary sounds, the bassline is more phatter and straight to hit you in the face......demented leads perfect for mid-night keep coming at a great timing within the smart arrangement of rhythm structures. Percussion keep getting sharper and morph into pretty impressive parts but we still hear those screech-and-crash breaks. 2:10 the layers get more dense and intense, tweakin your brain cells for that trip u expecting with these guys. The technoish lead that begins from 3.11 gets tad too repititive, but the journey till the end is full of twisted sequences. This track won;t let any audiopathik fans down.


03-Audiopathik - Agramon...(7:52)


Begins with an impressive, anxiety raisin intro, coz we experience more darkness on this one, indeed a story telling track till 1:23 where the booming bass hits and starts rolling all over with some kid voice sample faintly goin on besides the eerie pads doin their rounds with squeaky synths, sharp precussion on this one, great track to start a set with IMO...Around 3:50 it starts getting you into a dense mind-game maze kinda trip making you stomp harder seeking the mystery you are looking for without any answers , making you seek more fractalik visions. Pretty tight track, i give this track a no.1.




Fav Tracks : 03, 02



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