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artha - live set at aquatica party in poland - 02.05.2007 [goa-trance]

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Hello again Artha, i have been listening to your tracks on myspace and all im waithing for is to buy your cd when you get signed, so i hope those labels out there wake up and make a move :-) btw what sequencer do you work in?





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Guest Cosmogenesis

Great stuff !!! I'd like all these tracks on cd, really a great piece of work! This is my kind of music!

I want it, me too. Hope some labels will release you in cd, Michal, you deserve it! Suntrip or kagdila for ex could do it :)
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lives at this time only in poland

hi ... "tchecht" ; )


im also from the old amiga demo scene ... i just posted some psychedelic demos/intros on my site ... by ainc > killler

im doing some more goa/psy related things with my blog psypix.org !

I have to say your music is pure spirit combined with the right energy ! Some of the best in 2007 !

If you have something new please let me know i will write a review on my site also.

Hope to see you somewhere live also in poland (not so far from here : berlin) when did you play next time on o.a.?

Is there any chance to book you in 2008 to somewhere in europe ?

Please check my goa-trance blog. I will invite you on myspace also.


"schenkuje" for that music i love IT true goa-trancein 2007 !!!




keep it on


keep it unreal !


k3yg3n / http://www.psypix.org

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