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MMD Records are proud to present their first V/A for 2007, this time compiled by Frozen Ghost. Slick tunage entwined with edgy riffs and tight innovative breaks make up this new MMD offering.


Cold Conclusion shows a more enhanced and refined production style, unequeled by any previous MMD releases. Featuring 10 previously unreleased spine chilling tracks from some of Cape Town, South Africa’s freshest artists, debuting massive new names like Smugg Juggler and Rubix Qube, along with the usual manipulators such as Zion Linguist, Frozen Ghost, Lost & Found, and Hiyarant.


Powerful, rhythmic and driving frequencies, guaranteed to rock bodies, and bend minds!


Soon to be freezing over a dance floor near you !!!


Tracklisting :


1. EMP vs Hiyarant - Binary


2. Frozen Ghost - Frost Fiction


3. Hiyarant – Makeshift


4. Frozen Ghost - Frigid Midget


5. Lost & Found – Integration


6. Rubix Cube – The Foreigner


7. Xatrik - Icey


8. Lost & Found vs Frozen Ghost - Sin Stereo


9. Zion Linguist - Game Over


10. Smugg Juggler - Heathen Race




Official release date : 2007-06-01





For more info on the Release :



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Posted Image


Wow, what a great Cd title & cover! I heard this last week & I must say...

it's mind numbingly explosive! Wicked, gnarly & twisted tracks all the way through!

Great job Laurence & Barry! ...Posted Image...Posted Image


Ahhh... compiled by Frozen Ghost!? Awesome!

If I'm not mistaken, this is Barry's first compilation... or am I wrong?

This will make #4 in my MMD collection. :P


Samples are also available on:



Other online shops should receive it soon. ;)


Thanks Lost & Found for posting this release!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Any day now.............!!!! :clapping:


I checked my 2nd home Saiko Sounds, it's not in their immediate future...

but it is at Beatspace: MMD - Cold Conclusion


Muahahaha...... This one's mine! :D

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  • 1 month later...

*kick* !


Respect to you Lost & Found, for the kick ass contribution on this V.A :) One of the reasons i'm buying this one!

Especially the S.A Psyfreaks should check it out, contains some really wicked tracks oi!

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