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Cerebral Factory - Karash vs Electrypnose

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we are glad to announce the next kabrathor records release :


Cerebral Factory - Karash vs Electrypnose

split album


release date expected : 14th of May 2007



01) Cerebral Factory - Brain Storming

02) Cerebral Factory – Creamfield

03) Cerebral Factory – Swimming in the fog

04) Electrypnose – A long story

05) Karash –Acid Bubble Gum

06) Karash – Otage de l’espace

07) Karash – Walking without Destiny

08) Electrypnose – Une bière dans la rivière

09) Electrypnose – Dragons slayer


Cerebral Factory, side project and collaboration between Electrypnose, Karash and Noon,

provide us a release with their freshest and best quality researches.

Between funky tricks and the dark side of the force, this release shows a pretty wide range of

ideas and syles that makes your neurons moving and tickled by.

Starting the walk at 136 bpm,ending over 150, the goal was definitely to not stay flat and to

not express only one musical kind. Most suitable for people who enjoy the variety and newer


One year of work behind this collection of pieces made in the artists studios and in Brazil,

while Electrypnose and Karash were touring at the end of 2006.

Cerebral Factory will appear on a release compiled by Goa Gil, a track versus Cosmo, on

Avatar records.



On this split album release, Cerebral Factory project will miss

“Noon” work. He is still an active part of it, but life things made his

presence out of this release.



info sheet and promo tracks ::


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