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tribal ethnic shaman tracks :))


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Hello mates,


I need your help :) I'm looking for some particular ambient/goa/psy (mostly ambient)

tracks which build very specific and interesting atmosphere, atmosphere of forest

that makes you feel like you were in the very center of a jungle :)


I'm about to explain exactly what I have in mind. What i'm looking for are those "ethnic"

tracks, which consists of weird indians' chants, sounds of a tribe overwhelmed with

wild tribal dance around a bonfire deep in the forest, shaman's prayers, rituals,

tributes and that kind of stuff... In the backgroud sounds from forest, groans

of animals, tribal drumbeats and... some sick talks/tales, about the Yeti for instance :)


I'm going to give you some examples now which have more or less ethnic influences like I

described above:


Doof - Balashwaar Baksheesh

(compilation: Eclipse - A Journey Of Permanence)

Surely it's one of my favourite ambient tracks.

You can hear here weired sounds, some whizes, whistles, queer noises and

ethnic drums all the time. And these... sick hyphnotic talks and hoots...

All of these make unbelievable unique (although I hope I'll find a track

at least half as climatic as this sometime) atmosphere.


Hallucinogen - The Herb Garden

(compilation: The Mystery Of The Yeti Part 2)

I believe there's no need to introduce this track :D An amazing story of a thing

living high in mountains. Which is told in this excellent strange way :)

From the very beginning you can hear distant voices, drums, songs of a tribe,

cheering villagers.... and then some twisted vibes, a bit more voices and story

begins... 'you have heard of the yeti? the ubanamanamanala snowman? ? The evenement



The Mystery of The Yeti - The Call

It begins with calm sounds, whistles of wind... as though you were hovering in

the air, we also hear some strange trumpet calling from the distant...

in 1:44 these shaman's murmurs come in, it seems that we're heading for a

village.... 3:40 we're in the village, somebody hit a gong and all tribe

starts to sing and dance accompanied by drums :) Further we can hear how

the village lives... singing birds, moaning cows, barking dogs and noises of

villigers and their plays on various instruments.

Beautiful. You can really feel the nature in this track.



BATTLE OF THE FUTURE BUDDHAS - Marsmellow (Miditation Mix)


It starts very mysteriously, indistrinct noises of forest, anxious basses

and slow beats of drums... 1:03 it grows faster here, a strange dark sequence

comes in... 2:10 Beautiful melody here to which various twisted sounds keep

joining, 2:40 drums starting to play... and we hear someone's breathing (shaman

maybe?)... breathing in... breathing out... hard breath in... 3:13 really

amazing melody joins here accompanied by drums... and... shudders all over my body

I love this track :)


Shpongle - A new way to say hooray

(album: Tales of Inexpressible)

What can I say? :D Crazy sounds of wild tribe + sounds of flying insects +

all sorts of twisted sings... and this strange talk near the beginning :))


Talvin singh - k-ascendant

Energetic drums throughout the song. Nice track.


Juno Reactor - Silver

(album: Beyond The Infinite)

Everybody knows and like :)


Banco de Gaia - Seti I

(album: Igizeh)

Fantastic track... tribe singing and dancing with incredible speed :) Very

colorful and melodious.


Steven gragg - little_people

(compilation: Didgeridoo Groove)



Ok, I think that's enough :) I'll be very obliged for writing here

every track of this kind that comes to your mind :) Thanks in advance.

You know what? I even thought of making a compilation that consists the

best tracks of this type. The name would be 'the most tribal sounds from the jungle'

or something like that :)




Best regards!

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Deep Forest

This guy takes tribal chants & twists them around into music. Check out this guys stuff!


Also check out


Makyo & the Dakini guys. Lots of tribal stuff there but more eastern than african


Kaya Project too but these guys make me think off north african or middle eastern bazaars :)

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ok, thought it would be like that.

please don't name whole albums or artists.

i pretty much know the most of that


im lookin for certain tracks.

Perpetual Loop - Universal Flow



Sorry, can't name any of the tracks since I have it as 1 whole file.

But it's really atmospheric, ambient, uplifting at times and ofcourse with lots of tribals.

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ok, thought it would be like that.

please don't name whole albums or artists.

i pretty much know the most of that


im lookin for certain tracks.

Good one!


Way to kill your own thread


Just to help you lazy bum


Enigma - The Roundabout

enigma - Prism of Life


Enigma - The eyes of truth

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A full tribal track from the sound shaman himself (listen loud with headphones):



or http://www.steveroach.com/MP3/stream.php?song=37


I totally love this track. It's the depth and quality of sound and the simple, but effective composition that make this track rock (even in 128kbps).


But there's probably too little happening for you guys...since ur all expecting crazy acidic synthleads, chanting, wild flute solos, drug quotes and indian marketplace sounds. ;)

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