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Dejavoo (Transient Recs).

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Hi some news on Dejavoo. Transient Records new signing


Screaming People will be released on a TSUYOSHI SUZUKI’S compilation on Wakyo Inc, a big Label/Distributor in Japan, out this month.


Also Christopher Lawrence Who this year came 4th in the Dj Mag top 100 poll, is now playing lots of Psy Trance, And he has been playing and loving two Dejavoo Tracks...Screaming People and Disco Shit


The boys just completed the Full on Rmx of Kruger and Coyle, The Witness, which will be released on Transient Dawn (Salida Del Sol) the next Transient V.A Which Kristian himself will be compiling and to be released April 2007. The Dejavoo track Disco Shit will also be included in this release.


Dj Feio (Xperience/Brazil) has just signed the fresh Dejavoo track Versotran, the track will be released soon on the massive compilation which Feio is compiling on Wired Music Brazil.


Dejavoo will be featured on the world largest electronic music magazine Dj Mag.The Issue will be out at the end of March. It will be the second most important issue of the year as it will be the Miami Winter Music conference issue.


Catch Dejavoo dates and more info and new tracks on www.myspace.com/dejavoo303




And lastly we can confirm that Dejavoo will be releasing their debut album on Transient Records. The Lads have started work and will be ready around autumn/winter, with what promises to be one of the albums to watch out for in 2007/2008.



Dejavoo. Out now


Follow This. Out on Alchemy Recs

Cockroach. Out on Point Zero Recs

Screaming People.Out on Wayko Japan

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