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Penta "Horn Please" Out March 30!

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Hi Everyone,

My Third Album is to be released soon. I hope you enjoy!

All the best,



Artist: Penta

Title: Horn Please

Label: AuraQuake

Catalog Number: AQCD004

Format: CD Digipack

Mastered by: Chromatone

Release Date: March 30 2007

Penta "Horn Please"


Posted Image


1 Perfect Sunday

2 Aerobica

3 Stag Party

4 Foggy

5 Olympia

6 Take Two

7 Non-Profit

8 Why Not ?

9 Here We Come


Press Release

Endless travelling, constant noise of the parties, life in hotels, as well as a considerable dose of couch-surfing, has accumulated in Penta’s head into something that resembles the chaos of Indian street traffic. Horn Please – the message that is written on the back of the sub-continent’s trucks could never been more appropriate to describe the desire to bring order to trance musician’s life. This CD, executed in the style of a Mumbai taxi, is a dedication to the crazy party life in the form of a collection of morning and night psytrance tracks, sometimes written in headphones in different parts of the globe, and already successfully tested on the biggest dance floors of the planet. Faster BPMs than in his previous albums, as well as the use of the latest technologies, makes “Horn Please” one of Nikita’s most psychedelic works to date.

AuraQuake Music

AuraQuake Music was established by Nikita Tselovalnikov and Catia Leitao in December 2004 as a platform to release fun, innovative and quality psychedelic music. The first three titles were - the second album by Penta “Funraiser” and compilations “Seismic Mood” and “Jitter Glow”. Presenting Penta’s third album “Horn Please”, AuraQuake continues to delight with its own take on the psychedelic story.


CD Shops

Along with other releases from AuraQuake, this title will be avilable at your local trance shops as well as in all major online shops such as:







Digital Download Shops

You can also download this and other AuraQuake releases at a growing number of digital download stores such as:




Release records


Resonant Vibes

Juno records

Magnetic groove




AOL music now

E music

Audio Jelly

Dance tunes


Play it tonight

Don't Forget the T-Shirts!

AuraQuake Website features Penta and AuraQuake T-Shirts for sale. Every T-Shirt comes with a free Seismic Mood CD.


Posted Image


Arabesque Distribution - London


Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 8992 0098


http://www.auraquake.com - AuraQuake Website

http://www.pentafiles.com - Penta Website

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I agree, hard psychedelic trance is going to settle in your brain.

So twisted, so mystic and though so danceable.

Highlight of the album?

Track 7 - Non-Profit for the excellent name (and I believe it, as the artist and label give with a t-shirt - a Seismic Mood CD for free)


Track 8 - Why Not (Exactly Why Not Be the perfect psychedelic track?)


Penta thanks once again for producing high quality music!

AuraQuake good luck with this new release!

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Already available @ psyshop.com.. looking forward to hearing it.


I've also read the interview, I hope it's going to be easier to catch in Portugal and cheaper to bring you to Ukraine :) Good luck with the album, Nikita.

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