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Abnormal Killers - Psylosopsy EP


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Artist.....: Abnormal Killers

Album......: Psylosopsy EP

Genre......: Dark Psychedelic




02.Srellik Lamronba

03.Fuck Me On 155bpms


Mastered by Psychoz


Abnormal Killers is the brainchild of Darko Janevski and Andrej Tasevski (Hagenith), born in a local hospital somewhere in Macedonia, in early 1990 and mid-1989, respectively. As a young kid, Andrej wanted to be Mozart and started doing some serious head-banging on the piano at the retarded age of 7. Unfortunately, he never got to be Mozart. As for Darko, he wanted to play soccer, but broke his arm doing god knows what and quit.


In early 2002, they discovered Psytrance. They started producing in late 2004 and, on a pretty regularly boring night, Darko dreams about the name Abnormal Killers. They would never be the same again, for they've followed Darko's prophetic dream and started doing noise in 2005. It didn't work out so great initially, as the sound consisted basicly of Andrej headbanging on Darko's broken arm (yeah, these things take years to recover, sometimes).


They evolved, and they now want to play the MIDI keyboard like Kindzadza or Ocelot and play soccer like Cosmo, Highko and many other superstars. Their main goal is that people understand their music, no matter how incredibly difficult it might be, and enjoy it, if possible.


Since no one could ever live from releasing music on Psylosophy Records, Darko is currently emplyed as a bartender and dreams about working for Queen Elizabeth one day. Andrej works as a mechanic for a very psychedelic car repair shop.


1. Glupcoooo

In translation "dumbass" It starts with a full on bassline not so spite by my taste, but there are very interesting background FX like drops off water folowed by echoes, they took me into a dark sewer struggling to find the way out...runing hmmmm the bassline spoils the trip it's so syntetic but the trippy parts are here to take you to the darkest parts of youre mind but when I sum it all together the track loops, you're in a freeze-repeat state



2.Srellik Lamronba

Now here is something with a spite bassline "just be carefull" and influx of trippy FX start to hit youre brain it's like South African Psy but more spite, darker with hipnotc deep sounds which remind me of Para Halu but Abnormal killers have done this in their original way, you'll twist and fall in deep trance with this one, there will be milion of pictures going through youre mind ....or just one. Great track


03.Fuck Me On 155bpms

155bpms :) as the title says it will try to fuck youre brain up. Faster then the previous (155bmps :) ) with the same spiteness in the bassline and aggressive FX which will try to bust into youre brain and make it mash potatoes, and when you think that's all from the tack in the second half it goes even faster if you haven't surendered youre brain yet this will make you fall and let youre self to the track...and i won't talk about the ending i leave it up to you. Try this pill like track it is not so scary as it sounds :) but it will definitively F**k you up ,as the track begins "Just be carefull what you see.."






Free download



Favorites: 1,2!!,3!!



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