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Timecode 5 year anniversary.


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5th Year Anthology Compilation

Timecode is 5 this year! To celebrate we will be doing our 1st retrospective compilation, consisting of 2 parts, looking back on the huge spectrum of psychedelic music, which we have released over the last 5 years. Included will be a selection of remixes of seminal Timecode tracks, as well as all the classics and a couple of bonus new tracks thrown in for good measure. Release date is set for March & April 2007 this year.

Sweet! :)

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Happy Birthday to my favorite label!!!

Timecode is one of the few labels that stick to their original quality over the years and still kicking asses! :D

As for the Retrospective cd.... Rock On!!! :D

+1 :D


Best stuff out there imo.

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Timecode records is great! I wonder which tracks they will choose for their retrospective. I hope Triskell-Here Knows When is on there. I always thought that was a wonderful and under-recognzed track.

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Haaa,. good news indeed! :D

I fully agree btw Psycosmo, Triskell - Here knows when is one of my favourite tracks from V.A - The Turning (a REAL classic from Timecode, probably one of my most loved V.A's i've ever bought)... it kicks ass.

As for the label, I have the feeling that (together with Nexus Media), my beloved S.A styled psy also could use some fresh input and

new soundbanks.. the lasts few V.A's did dissapoint me a bit though, but I hope for something new :)

Hooray for Timecode!

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