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Favourite Morning Tunes


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Tikal-Trigon (Beat-Ific-Spirit Zone)

Polaris-Music Vibration (CaCuBo-Solarsiv)

4 Winds Circle-Feedback Decoded (Love Sound Devotion-Spirit Zone)

Skulptor vs Spectral Skunk-Anticlockwise (Universe-Mandala)

Penta-Looking Good (Acidsport-Vertigo)

Desert Dwellers-Higher Sensory Perception (remix) (Geospirit 1: Virtual Vortex-Geomagnetic.tv)



thats a few of them! ;) ;)

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every sound from silicon sound...


protoculture - peekaboo, avalon, more directions, silicon sunrise

electric universe - morning star

talamasca - time stimulation, the old school, cancer

eskimo - popcorn

intergalactic - technographic

optokoppler - traditions, tool time



just to name a few.. ;)

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well when it comes to more old skool


california sunshine - rain

astral projection - axis

astral projection - burning out

bypass unit - liquid prisma

one man game - total trance

mystica album van 1999


most unicorn release but not the nithzonot





radical distortion


when it comes to mornin fullon


protoculture - latest album (cardicans I think from 2006)

audiotec - latest album ( freak show I think from - 2006)

mfg - message from god (2006)

Lani - first two album (2004 and 2006)

soul surfer - surfer paradise (good morning progressive)


well them morning concept is so much present within goa is impossible to name them album,


but these are good one...

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Guest Cosmogenesis

Those two come to my mind, but there are thousand others that are awesome too!


Chi-a.d. - X-Isle

Chi-a.d. - Liquid Neon Sky


P.S.: You can buy the "Earthcrossing" album now on mp3 @ www.chi-ad.com. :)

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  • 2 months later...

There are so many tracks but I try to keep it short :)


Yahel - For The People

Yahel - Waves OF Sound

Protoculture - Circadians

Sonnik - First Ray Of The New Sunrise

Tikal - Sweet Child

Mystica - Jamaraqui

Psysex - Skywalker Remix

Space Buddha - Nirvana

Space Cat - Kreak Take 2

California Sunshine - Coming Home

California Sunshine - Summer 89

Chi-AD - Liquid Neon Sky

Indoor - Sweet Coming Home

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I really used to enjoy waking up with: Chi-AD - Pathfinder

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It's morning here & I'm listening to solar fields. A nice gentle push into the day!

I listen to Solar Fields on mornings where I'm hangovered. It has already become some kind of ritual, tiger balm on the forehead and Solar Fileds on the speakers. This is ideal music for hangovered sunny mornings for me...


When I'm not hangovered I like all kinds of stuff in the morning, mostly scando trance though :)


Currently I really like Soundfield - Second Step Above The Sun (Etnoscope Remix) for a nice wakeup...

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Guest The Journey Man Project

I like soft housey proggi at gigs... like the dj set Anoebis did at the Harvest Festival... but at home after a big night it is either my Databloem or Ishq styles...

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ITP-Guatemala (Lose Your Illusion-Sundance)

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