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Sattel Battle ::SoundsCool:: ~Gi'iwa Productions~

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Artist: Sattel Battle

Title: SoundsCool

Released: Jan 2007

Publisher: Gi’iwa Productions

Format: CD

Cat. No: GPCD003

Distribution: Arabesque

Mastering: Simon Polinski @ Laundry Goat

Artwork & Illustrations: jason.hueman@gmail.com & T-Bone


File Under: Psycho-Funkadelic





01. Sounds Cool

02. dosomethingwithyourlife

03. Rabel Rabel

04. Sratim Metzuyarim

05. Work in Space

06. Hey Hop

07. Ghat Whore

08. Strangless

09. Homegrown

10. 2 Step Chase

11. Fuck It

12. 24 Shots

13. Sky Divers


Gi’iwa Productions is proud to present SoundsCool, the first full length album release from Israeli maestro Sattel Battle.

The debut psyber-punk sound of Dotman raised curious eyebrows amongst the psychedelic community, and his latest releases Fuck it (ExUus rmx) & Stupid Computer on the Musica Discordia compilation, has left the question “why is this ex-metal guitarist so damn funky?”


After spending years in the classroom, refining his musical theory and production techniques, Sattel Battles' sound emerges as an urbanized collage of rock, metal, punk, blues, goa psychedelia & suomi saundi influences. Fusing slick funky basslines, innovative melodic ideas, and layers of oozing spatial tangents, the result is an untamed hi-tech sonic wilderness, deliberately designed for maximum dancefloor carnage and all round super-fun-happy-times. B)


SoundsCool is sure to leave a smile on ya dial! :D


samples here







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