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ssssssshpongle, shpingle, shpungle, shpengle?

south african hippie

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not bad, not too great. I think Shulman, Bluetech, even OTT is better. Thats just IMO.

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check these labels:


Aleph Zero








Celestial Dragon


most of these label's releases are really nice.



if you didnt know already)

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No. Shpongle isn't ambient trance. Perhaps takes some elements from ambient + trance, but it isn't ambient, or trance in the true sense of the word. I used to absolutely love this music, but as my ambient/chill/downtempo collection expanded I saw past this and eventually am drawing the conclusion that I like a lot of other acts much more.


Maybe I overdosed a little on it, maybe Shpongle is overrated (for me), but it isn't crap. It's definitely something to listen to, even if you don't appreciate it at first. :)

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To me, probably the best ambient-trance band ever. to you?


good that we have another simon posford worshipper here, hey come post often in the forum because there are people that are complaining all the time when there are a few posts about simon posford in a thread of which the topic name isn´t simon posford.

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mmm... so.

another simon posford loving son of a killargh.


i agree.. nobody really comes close to him. i dont worship him in any way, i dont even listen to what he does all that much.. however, EVERYONE has something to learn from him.


a pioneer, an original "gangstah" in the truest sense of the word.. nobody can EVER take anything away from what he has done. if you wish to put him down because of all the attention he is getting.. please, be my guest.. but do know that you are wrong. really.



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