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jackthetab's Fax mixes


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How much are you willing to pay and how many blowjobs are you willing to sacrifice?


Depends if I'm at the receiving end or the giving...


Right let's get back on-topic shall we B)

The tracklistings to his mixes look pretty exciting, I've grabbed most of them. They should create a nice atmosphere to write a paper to during the weekend, I'd almost say I'm looking forward to it.

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I downloaded several of his mixes without a problem, perhaps it's your connection that's causing the downloads to stop? My own connection seems to 'die' every now and then for just a sec but for some reason it doesn't die 'enough' to stop something like such a download.

I'd say give it another go :)

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damn! <_<


same shit again,but this time it stopped at 73%...anybody knows how to fix this??


I had a 'download manager' on my pc a long time ago and I could pause and continue your download anytime I liked. But I don't recall the name...
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