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Aerospace - Elevation (Spintwist Records)

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Artist: Aerospace

Title: Elevation

Label: Spintwist.Records

Format: CD

Release date: Nov/Dec. 2006

Catalog: ST1CD008


Posted Image




1. Be Light 135 BPM

2. Free Fall 137 BPM

3. Vibe Rate 138 BPM

4. Air Bureau 135 BPM

5. Soundbite 135 BPM

6. War Zone 135 BPM

7. Elevation 138 BPM

8. Dat Tuner Remix 138 BPM

9. Wanna Run Remix 136 BPM

10 Sitting On A Stone 90 BPM


Get ready for the second album by Aerospace!


Aerospace is the project of Guy Youngman(DJ GuyShanti) from Israel, one of the most requested progressive DJ's in the holy land, and a well-respected producer for years. First as a part of the Evil Drug Lords project, which in the past released tracks on labels like Midijum, Trancelucent,Dance N Dust and USTA, but his real breakthrough came with his current project Aerospace.


With the debut-album "Earth" released last year on Midijum he hit the scene with a storm with his combination of progressive grooves and uplifting melodies, and later followed releases on labels like Iboga, Domo, Spintwist and Yellow Sunshine Explosion/Millennium - including remixes and collaborations with acts like Ace Ventura, Yotopia, BLT and Vibrasphere.


Now Spintwist records are proud to present Elevation - the second full-length album by Aerospace - kicking the well-known sound from the first album to the next level, fusing European-style progressive psytrance for the outdoors with the uplifting themes of the Israeli trance-sound.


More infos at.....







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:blink:  :rolleyes:  :ph34r:  :D  I like aerospace's sounds


Me too! Guy's an amazingly talented artist... cool dude too!


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