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V/A - Pyramidal Trancendence

Jon Cocco

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Really fantastic GOA-trance compilation with a lot of egyptian influences(hence the name and the cover) -- every track is a great trip here, there is really no bad tracks.


Favourite tracks are 1(!), 2, 4(!!), 5, 7, 9


So everyone who likes GOA, go download it now, you won't lose anything by doing so. :)



Oh and big props to Travma - Zaman, that track is a really, really awesome trip to egypt.

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My favorite track here is without a doubt Astrancer's Dzog Chen. Very unique, with a kick and a drive that just cannot be imitated or duplicated without being copied.


Hence this track's one of a kind status in my book, something along the lines of the old school class kick Chai Machine by Nasha FEAT. Mad Sheer Khan.


I usually don't enjoy over used eastern influences and samples, but Astrancer hits it on the toe nail here. In fact, I admit I really dig a combination of elements I usually hardly ever get into. Pace wise, it never really picks up or leads to wall to wall explosions. It's more of a drifting, just sit back and let me take you there type-of-a-track. Great stuff.


Call me crazy, but this track's structure and flow somehow remind of the old school dutch classic, Funky Drive by X-Connection :blink:

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My favorite track is Dzog Chen by Astrancer. It is one of the most crisp and refreshing, delectable new school Goatrance songs yet.


This compilation has magic. It's more the Goa spirit I fell in love with growing up, more than V/A - Twist Dreams. Though certain songs capture magic well over others. And Ethereal, though they created a great number here, really brought their sound to a higher degree of presence with 2008's Moondawn on V/A - Opus Iridium - Uptempo double album. But I enjoy there track very much here, and how it develops. Ethereal just has to release a new, main Goa album. I don't know what's taking so long. They're incredible artists.


Pyramidal Trancendence is one of the best new school Goa compilations out there, period. Astrancer must release an album on par or beyond their work here.

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