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London Twisted Party Pics

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I made it back to the states, i am quite groggy and have mixed feelings about the party. But i had a good time!


It was great to meet people from the forum at the meetup... oh the stories...


I am uploading my pics as we speak and will be posting a photogallery in a few...


in the meantime start posting your pics!

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Hell yeah! I wanna see them B)


Reeeeeally reeeeally wanted to go, but it would have summed up a few hundred euros which I just couldn´t afford so short before India.. - Hope you all had a blast!

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I've made some comments on some of the pictures, but I'm afraid I can't remember all the names of everyone..


So please post some comments on the individual pictures and I'll update with names/Psynews nicks...






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Oh man..i look so fucked in those photos...


Well, what a surprise!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


Pictures don't lie... I look like a complete ponce in all the pix, but that's my druggy face I'm afraid..  :ph34r:


;) I look only fucked in one picture, and then I've even might have been still sober (the one with gemini and vicky)! :huh: On the others I actually we're high but I look rather normal (besides the eyes of course). :P

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memories :)


green nuns rocked, hallucinogen was too packed so kindof couldnt stay in the room


it was nice meeting ppl from the forum :) and its always funny to see the face behind the text :)


still in london now, met up for drinks with OD and Majoony yesterday, they are fun :) and Titsu is sitting two comps away from me... counting the last hours of being in london, then its off to brighton for me and switserland for her :)


it was fun :)

life is fun :)

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Hey cool photos!! Thanx DP!! Keep them comming :)


But where is Heva luv?

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I didn't take many pics and most of them are crap since I had my camera set in fast apperture mode so since there wasn't much light in there most pics came out crap...




I've already written my report at the party section.


How the fuck did I miss the girl with the belly dancing costume??????

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